Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some Super Mail - an Exchange, some Stash and a Conversion

GR&DF the mail yesterday was just wonderful.

Let me start off with the exchange I received - in the HOE I was part of the ABC Exchange and my partner was Kathy and she sent me a totally cute piece. Here is a snap -

Stitched from a LHN chart this perfectly darling puppy pillow is just great!! The whole package was puppy related. For those that are not familiar with Kathy and her Blog - she shares her life with Rory - and even he got into the act with a present to my "who hounds." And what better for an East Coast Who Hound to send West Coast Who Hounds......

... but a double squeak, Statue of Liberty Doggie - Chew toy - and between The Peach and Lolly there was plenty of chasing around and seeing who could hang onto the new toy the longest...

.. the Peach has it....

... then Lolly got it.....

then The Peach got it back and jumped on the sofa and Lolly was right there wainting for her to make a mis-step. The hounds thank Rory very much!!!

Also include in the package was a couple of super cute RAK's -

Two scissor fobs - a chihuahua crushed walnut shell filled one and a beautiful tigers eye and jade beaded one - here is a clsoe up to better see the colour of the beads -

Here is a snap of everything -

This snap shows everything and the great puppy bag that everything came in!! Thank you Kathy for a really wonderful Exchange!!

The mail also brought the last of the BBD - Loose Feathers - #40 -

The Hedgerow Birds Project Bag. I also added some Belle Soie to my growing collection. It is really sad about there being no more LF Charts. On a better note - for those that didn't know BBD released the next Anniversaries of the Heart chart #5 - a great one - called Farm House - mine is on back order.

In yesterday's post I mentioned a chart I am kitting out from DMC to Belle Soie - and I may throw in a a couple of solids either NPI or HDF - but here is a snap of the chart and the DMC colours....

What is so really wonderful about this loan is that not only did I get to borrow the chart but the package it came in was filled with many other goodies.... some licorice and chocolate covered coffee beans - and some beautiful NPI silks along with a great piece of linen. Completely out of the blue and such generosity - and what did I do to be the receiver of such kindness - nothing hard on my end just the loan of chart that is OOP and terribly hard to find. Thank you so much!! I know the frustration of trying to find an OOP chart and am always glad to help if I can and I know that others are also inclined to help - that's what makes this a really great community of very generous and kind stitchers!!

I think that about wraps it up for today - Thanks for stopping by, do come again!

Take care,


  1. OMG, those two babies are sooo cute...we have a green Santa bobo that gets a lot of chewing and tugging between our two pups, LOL.

    Your Mail goodies are awesome, I am just drooling, and your conversion is coming along nicely, I can't wait to see it in action on your WIP :)

    Have a great day, cookie, and hugs for always making me smile, I adore you and your blog.

    Ma TK

  2. Look at that sweet exchange and the sweetie poochies :)
    That's one great exchange gone to the dogs!

    Love your stashity stash ;)

    And I just know your exchange will be FANTABULOUS!

  3. What a great exchange, Edgar! Lucky duck (or should I say lucky dog?).

    BTW, I just saw that chart on ebay - I have a search set up for any and all Sheepish Designs, but I missed out. The auction had just ended - no bids! - and could have been had for a song. Gotta check my email more often on the weekend! :(

    I'll enjoy watching your progress on that piece.

  4. What an awesome exchange--I think my favorite part is the crushed-walnut chi fob! Kathy and Rory did great!

    Edgar, are you really certain about that LF discontinuation? I thought I saw, about a month ago, that it was just a rumor and that BBD debunked it. I HOPE that's the case!

    I still haven't seen AotH No. 5--off to look now! :D

  5. Lovely goodies Edgar :-) Looks like the who hounds love their new toy.
    I like the new design you are kitting up, can't wait to see a start :-) Have a great week x

  6. What a wonderful exchange :) Enjoy!

  7. Ohhhh the poooches are to cute!!! Hmmmm....something I never heard anyone say about the "pooches" where my tummy is! LOL LOL Oh what those are pouches?

    Nothing like receiving stitchy mail.

    Love you blog, Edgar!!



  8. I just love what Kathy sent you -- the pups look like they're enjoying their new toy so much! What fun! I'm waiting for my Loose Feathers and AotH to come. Love the colors that you kitted up for the Sheepish piece!

  9. Love the Statue of Liberty dog toy. I agree with you on the community of stitchers. It really restores your faith in the world and people in general. I just love the internet for the opportunities to connect people all over the world.

  10. It is magnificent, I like your dog your blog is a small marvel
    Best regards of marylin France

  11. What super packages. I know you were excited. I have two questions I hope you'll answer. One is about how long to you stitch each night? Of course, I know you can't stitch every night just an average. You seem to get so much accomplished. And the other question is does Rico stitch too? Or does he have another hobby that he works on while you stitch? Thank you. And have a wonderful day.

  12. What a cute exchange, your puppies are too sweet :-).

    Love the new stash too.

  13. What a fun package to receive! ROFLOL ~ our Sheba had a toy shaped like that. She would beat herself about the head shaking it!

  14. I love the look on the Peach's face as she stands over her new toy! Such cuteness. Very cute exchange from Kathy.

  15. Your exchange gift is just adorable, and so is The Peach!

  16. What a great exchange! And I am loving what the mail brought you!

  17. No more Loose Feathers charts????

    The exchange is great!

  18. What a great gift you received! I love that puppy sampler so much...stitchers are the best.

  19. Such a cute exchange! You're puppies obviously loved it too! Enjoy your day!

  20. Looks like you made a great haul. Love all your goodies and your furbabies are cute.


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