Thursday, June 10, 2010

Farmers Market and a Fun Evening

GR&DF where to start - lets be chronological about it....

Since it was Wednesday there was the Civic Center Farmers Market. I haven't been in a couple of weeks. I think it was raining one week, and then another week I forgot, but I think it was the overall lack of participation that I felt there. This week it was back to full swing and overflow with tents and things, even spilling over onto the sidewalks that run along Market Street. Lots of early summer fruit was in and of course I got a couple of snaps....

Many of the tents where selling cherries both the dark red and the white - which I think are called Rainier, but I'm not too sure about that. I picked up some of the dark red since these are a favorite at my house. I got this snap of the potato sellers both -

I picked up some of the purple and the fingerling's. I really liked the way these all look together. I also got some small cherry tomato's, onions and a bag of "krack korn."

Last night we met up with Tessa and her husband John for dinner. They wanted to try out one of our favorite Mexican restaurants - Los Jarritos on South Van Ness. Just recently they have had a name change to San Jalisco (which I didn't even know about) - nothing else has changed - same great family run place with the same tasty vittles. They where having a problem with the name - Jarritos is a national soda pop in Mexico and they (the corporation) are coming down hard on anyone using their trademarked name - how bitchy is that!!! Oh well, is doesn't change the place one iota. And for a fruity soda Jarritos are pretty tasty. We met up there about 7 and had a really great meal and sat around talking for along time. Unexpectedly Tessa showered me with presents - how sweet was that!! I took some snaps when I got home -

First were some stitching treats - a super cute pair of "scissoroos." How great are these! They came in a designer signed box and have a kangaroo on the handle!! The little pyn box she created with some perfectly stitched fruit on top. Here is a close up of the box -

Such delicate work. Tessa also brought this Australian treat ....

an Australian Collection of chocolates from Haigh's - these chocolates are flavoured with Australian ingredients - Glaced Quandong, wattle seed, macadamia nut and lemon scented myrtle - how terrific are those!! You know me, I love trying local and traditional things!! The gifts kept coming - in and early email Tessa had mentioned she was bringing Tim Tam's - now when I read that I wasn't too sure what that was - but now I am quite sure what they are.....

she brought all types - including - Crush,Honeycomb, Double Coat, White, Original and Chewy Caramel... and a box of Top Taste Koala Cakes - Chocolate Mud. Such treats!! and how very sweet to be so generous!!! Bloggers are the Best!!! Today is our trip over to NIAH - We are picking up Tessa right after work and zooming over the Bay Bridge to Alameda for some power shopping!!

That about wraps it up for today. I'll be back tomorrow with a NIAH report. Thanks again for stopping by and for the kind comments -I do appreciate them!!

Take care,


  1. You're so lucky! Look at all of those treats. And I am always envious of your Farmer's Market visits. I love Kettle Corn!

  2. Great photos of the market. Beautiful fruit and veggies!

  3. Sounds like you had quite a time Edgar! I love all the little gifts too! You are so lucky to have such wonderful things bestowed upon you!

  4. How fun it is to meet blog friends. I think you are particularly lucky to meet one from Australia! Neat things she brought for you. The fruit box is beautiful, and what stitcher doesn't love scissors?
    Glad it was a great day.

  5. The stump work box is great. Have fun shopping. You are lucky to have NIAH in your hood.

  6. Beautiful farmer's market pics. And lovely presents from Tessa! Hope you have fun at NiaH!

  7. Like Danielle said - you are just so lucky. Everything looks amazingly gorgeous and all the food is making me hungry. I've heard of Tim Tams but never seen them before. And just as well me thinks! The scissoroos looked just lovely but that pyn box is just to die for.

    The Farmers Market food looked amazing and fresh and I LOVE cherries with a vengeance.

    Have a great day.

    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  8. The market pics are always so colorful. Sounds like you had a great evening. Nice gifts from Tessa! Have fun shopping!

  9. Ooh; lookit all those cherries! :D I am such a fan of the white ones--I do think they are called "Rainier", as you say. Unfortunately, I haven't had any in several years as they run about $10/lb here! 0_o!

    I don't know how much they are at your FM, but I think that's a lot of money!

    Beautiful stitchy gifts and treats. I'd love to try some of those regional things--I'm also a sucker for regional treats. Even if I don't like it, I like to have tried it, lol!

    Have a great time at NiaH!

  10. Yes, the gold and red cherries are Rainiers (also sometimes called Queen Anne). We like them better than Bings because they are crisper and not too sweet.

    Be careful with those Tim Tams. They are addictive. I've been working with a group holding a convention in Melbourne in September and they always have Tim Tams. I have even seen Chocolate and Caramel ones in our local grocery store, but my favorites are Peppermint.

  11. Tim Tams! Yum! I'm so jealous! The only ones I see around here are the Pepperidge Farm version and they only have them during the holiday season. You'll have to be sure to try the Tim Tam straw thing where you bite off the ends of the cookie and then suck your coffee through it!

  12. It's so awesome that you were able to meet a blogging friend from so far away! Have a great shopping trip and enjoy your goodies.

  13. So now I see your reason for the trip to NIAH!! What fun to meet up with a Blogland friend. I take it Tessa is from Australia? What great gifties! Have a wonderful time.

  14. Oh my but those cherries look luscious! The kangaroo scissors are great and that box top is exquisite! And it doesn't get much better than chocolate and cakes! Hope you have a great time stimulating the economy at NIAH!


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