Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday arrives

Here we are at another week ending and the glorious weekend is here. I heard from Amy that the Ornament I made for her had arrived safe and sound. Here is a snap....

I really enjoyed stitching this one up as I really like Midsummer Night Designs. I think I will need to make me one for our tree - it is called "Christmas Angel" and is from the JCS 2007 Ornament issue. I used the recommended floss' and stitched it on LL Maple sugar. I am still working on stuff that I can't show yet - but will in the near future!!

Yesterday we took the hounds out, like we do every day when we get home and this was sitting at the end of our street -

Now wasn't that sweet of someone to leave seating for the tired masses!!!! Such a classy thing to do!! Our street dead ends and doesn't go through. Behind this settee is a grassy little area (dog run) and then this drops off to a craggy cliff down to the backside of Noe Valley. I have seen other things "dropped' off here but never a broken down velveteen, being held together with staples couch!!

The flicker for last night was "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - 2008 - starring Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton and Taraji P Henson. What a super movie and great story. I was a bit uneasy to get this - with all the hype about it when it came out - with all the usual Hollywood bull being slung about. I was very pleasantly surprised!! it is quite a long flick coming in a 166 mins - I would absolutely recommend the film - the production value was top notch and the special effects were there but done very well.

To answer a few questions that popped up over the week -

Yes - I did get a pair of those wonderful sunglasses to wear around when I was dilated - and what a thrill that was!!!

The silk that I am using for the ABC SAL -

is Belle Soie - Plush Plum and Teddy Bear - they are ECU school colours (purple & gold).

Colleen - I also love the movie "Witness for the Prosecution" - 1957 - one of my all time favorites!!! Every actor is top notch and does a superior job!!!

There you go chickens!! (see Coni I also can't break the GG spell either) Remember today is the last day to sign up here for my 2nd Blogoversary - give-away - drawing!! I will announce the winner on Monday!!

Thanks for stopping by!! have a great weekend!
Take care,


  1. Lovley the colours for the ABC sampler...perfect!

  2. A very sweet ornament for Amy. And your ABC sampler is looking even more gorgeous!

    Now, that is a really classy place to rest your feet during your walk, LOL! And thanks for the movie tip...I was unsure about seeing Benjamin Button (or as my mother calls it "Brad Pitt's Buttons"!!!) Have a good weekend :)

  3. I love my ornament! Thank you again Edgar! :-)

    Have a happy weekend!!!

  4. What a beautiful ornament! And I'm sure you looked great in those stylish disposable sunglasses!

  5. Pretty ornament finish, Edgar!

  6. I had that eye exam and dialation done a little over a month ago--and had to go back FOUR TIMES altogether to get the contacts sorted out. The doctor insisted–guess he is careful of contacts. Better over-caution than under!

    I love these stitching progress pics! All my stitching is gift/exchange just now, too!

    As for eyeglasses, aren't they expensive!? If you're feeling adventurous, try ordering some glasses from "" You REALLY can get $8 eyeglasses! It does take about 3 weeks for them to come in, but what fun! I found out about them through a "productivity" blog site called "Lifehacker". You can also check out Ira's blog on all things online eyewear at ""

    I ordered 3 pair from Zenni with the result being that one (an 8 buck one, no less! Was great, one was okay, and one was a "No!". This is just stylistically speaking. "Medically" speaking, they were all-spot on! I even tried out fashion tints with them. In the end, I decided to order again to get the frames I liked with the AR coating (I had violet fashion tint put in the first set). Hey, for 14 bucks–why not? I also paid the cash to upgrade to the higher index (thinner lens). My eyes aren't getting any younger either, and it was 4 years between this exam and my last! I thought I ordered eyeglasses, not a glass of coke! lol

    But, seriously, check 'em out for some fun glasses.

  7. That is a gorgeous ornie! Your sampler is looking amazing! You do such amazing work!!

    Love the couch! I know some people that could use that! LOL

  8. I think your ornament finish is just lovely. The colors for the ABC sampler are wonderful. I seem to visit your blog often so thought i'd say "Hi" :)

  9. What a lovely couch! What some people attempt (and actually get away with) will never cease to amaze me. The abanoned subdivision project that surrounds us is filled with rolls of old carpet, couches, air-conditioners, tires and even shell casings.
    Thanks for the latest Royalty mag which arrived yesterday. Hmm, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

  10. Hi Edgar, now, don't complain about the seating I'm sure there's always a tired person who can use a bit rest on the street lol Here is the garbage, but that's courtesy of our perfectly organized major (not a mistake, he doesn't deserve the capital M lol)

    Love your Ornie, I'm sure Amy is a happy girl with it.

    Your ABC SAL is looking gorgeous so far, the silk is a perfect choice for it.

    BTW Happy belate blogoversary!

  11. I have long been admiring your ABC Sampler. Thanks for posting the colors. It looks great!

    Lovely ornament!

    We loved "Benjamin Button". It went way beyond any hype or expectations for us.

  12. I love the ornament you stitched. It's beautiful - doesn't Deborah do great angels?

  13. That is so funny about the couch!! Not a bad idea to have a bench - but a couch?? Someone could make their home there....!!

    Lovely ornament.

  14. Awesome stitching!

    Good to hear the movie was good -- I've read the short story & wondered how they'd create the movie

    Now, I'll have to look it up on netflix

  15. OK so did you sit and rest on the couch???

    Love the sampler you are working on - great colors.


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