Thursday, March 19, 2009

Winter Quaker Arrives and Coffee

Yesterday I received a super package from Stacy for the Winter Quaker Exchange over at the HOE. Here is a snap of the entire exchange -

Here is a close up of the top of the piece

lifting the top revealing the first section interior shot - for floss and needles...

and you lift the felt flap to reveal... a pocket for a floss card and needles

Isn't this a gorgeous piece - finished so perfectly!!! Stacy used one of the Seasonal Quakers for GoS - The stitching is done on 40 ct Spun Sugar from Sassy's Fabrics using over dyed silk - from Glisson Gloss Japanese silk, the letters are stitched using "Cocoa" from Carries Threads. I am a nut for browns (as we all know) and this is just beautiful!! The bag will come in handy as the bag I use I have now is, well lets just say "Has seen better days!"

I carry my lunch to work - because I am not paying $8+ a day for a sandwich and pop!! Stacy also include some black licorice - a top fav of mine - ahhhh - food of the gods!!!!!!! Thank you so much Stacy for making the WQ-09 a great exchange!!!!!!

Yesterday also brought a prezzie from my sister - some delicious coffee from Portland!!

This is rated as some of the top notch coffee in the US - if you ever get a chance to have some - go for it, you will not be disappointed.

The flicker last night was "Dodsworth" - 1936 - starring Walter Houston, Ruth Chatterton, Mary Astor and Paul Lukas - a great film I have spoken about before!!

The stitching I did was on a secret piece so no snaps till it arrives in its new home.

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,


  1. What a beautiful exchange Edgar. The coffee sounds lovely but you can keep the liquorice, my brother used to buy it just because i didn't like it and therefore wouldn't steal it!

  2. What a wonderful exchange from Stacy. Love the creams and browns. The bag is lovely as well.

  3. Mmmmmmm ... black licorice. Oh, wait, the fabulous stitching bag is really something, but black licorice ...

  4. Edgar, I'm SO glad that you liked what I stitched for you! And yes.... that brown bag has seen some better days.... LOL...

  5. what an awesome exchange you received! I am assuming GoS is Gift of Stitching mag? I love that stitched piece and couldn't find the pattern now i know why. LOL Love the bag she sent you too! Not a black licorice fan but i love the strawberry and the chocolate licorice. yummy. LOL


  6. A wonderful Winter Quaker stitching case, and so perfectly finished.

  7. omgosh what a lovely exchange! yummy coffee :) You'll have to let me know what it's like!

  8. That's a lovely exchange, both the stitching and the goodies! It's funny how sometimes things arrive just when we need them - like that great carry bag!

  9. Beautiful exchange Edgar. I love the piece Staci stitched. And lol...I have to agree. That bag comes in really handy.

  10. What a wonderful exchange/giftie day!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! :)

  11. What a wonderful exchange! Enjoy!

  12. What beautiful gifts you received last days ! It's great to have friends throughout the world !

  13. What a great package you received! Good to see you now have a cool bag to carry your lunch in. :) I love that stitching and finishing. I don't know how to sew something like that but would sure like to learn.

  14. A beautiful exchange from Staci.

  15. Wow, you new 'tool kit' for lack of a better word is absolutely stunning. The colors are really gorgeous and the whole thing is just beautiful!

    Ahhhhh, a new coffee. I'm a coffee-holic so if I run across this I will give it a try since you recommend it as a good one.


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