Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Stuff

Running around this Saturday was good to do - just to be able to have a routine and normal activity for me keeps me from being to down. I think we are doing better - or as better as we can - It is all just time passing and the hurt scabbing over a bit.

Rico's Mom, nieces and great niece Aaleyah came up and stayed over Saturday night - which was a great comfort. Little Aaleyah was born at the beginning of the month so she is still very small but so alert. Except in this snap...

She is really sweet and so small. We where so glad to see her and it is really amazing how something so small really lets you know when she wants something!!

The running around to Estate Sales brought only a single purchase...

This really great bead art piece from Mexico - we have seen these pieces all over the city and they can run into some pretty big numbers - they can be just about anything also, from animals and masks or even figural - this sun is a largish one about 12 inches from point to point and I picked it up for a $1. You really can't beat the bargain's that are out there sometimes!!

I finished up square 11 and have moved on to Square 12 on the VoHRH. Here is a snap -

I am really glad to be on the last square - not because I am bored or tired of this piece.... I think it is I am just ready to start something else - and I have plenty that are waiting in the pile. I also worked on getting my stitchity crap a bit more organized. While reading blogs out there I came across a super organized stitcher (I can't remember who it was...and I have wracked my brain trying to) she had taken and put her charts into plastic sheet protectors and then into 3 ring binders. The binders where separated by Designer/theme. What a great idea!! I started doing that with some sheet protectors I had and a binder. Rico is getting me some more binders and I need another box of protectors. I am finding that it is easier to see the charts and keep them from getting beat up and mashed in the box I have them.

One of the flicks this weekend I hadn't seen in so long I couldn't remember seeing it ever!! It was "It Happened One Night" - 1934 - starring Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable. What a great film and still so very watchable.

Thank you all for stopping by and your very kind thoughts!!

Take care,


  1. Love "It Happened One Night!" It was one of the tables at our wedding (We named all the tables for movies instead of numbering them.)

    That baby is precious.

  2. Aaleyah is just so sweet and innocent sleeping. Great garage find!!
    Nice progress on HOHRH - but I sure can understand you being tired of it. It is such a large piece.
    Organized - what's organized - you mean I'm not supposed to have this pile of papers all haphazard and have to hunt for each pattern scratching my head and wondering where I put it lol. Good luck with the organization!

  3. Loving Village and it is looking wonderful! i am so glad you are able to get on with your life.

  4. The baby is absolutely precious. And I love your find this weekend. I think that you'll like the organization method of putting the charts into protectors and then putting them in binders. I've been doing that for a long time and the charts stay clean and it's a snap to find a chart that you're looking for. I have mine filed alphabetically by designer. And your Village is looking wonderful!

  5. It Happened One Night is FANTASTIC! Absolutely one of the best flicks ever. Your Village is beautiful.

  6. What a lovely sweet baby!! You are so close to a finish on your Villages, wow! This is my fave in the HR series!!

  7. Little Aaleyah is just adorable! I have a 12 year old granddaughter and it sure brought back some memories. Love the beaded Mexican piece who got at the estate sale. Your progress on HOHRH is great. What can I say about the movie...GREAT CHOICE!!

  8. "Villages" looks great. So close to the finish line! Now you have that square that is filled in with black as the backgroun. I cheated on this one. Infact, it's the only square from that chart I've made. I stitched it as a box cover for my "Queen of Halloween" neighbor. I used some home-dyed linen using black RIT dye to make shades of black and gray. It worked wonderfully. Sometimes cheating does pay off.
    Coming back around after such a loss does take time. I'm all up and down this week, so I know how you feel.

  9. Hi Edgar, did I already tell you that I love your blog ?? No ! So : I love your blog. I want to let you know that you have readers from Europe...Take care, Veronique, France.

  10. Hi Edgar

    quick note to let you know I follow your blog via Bloglines (its a bit like lurking from afar) and I enjoy your updates immensely.

    I love the HOHRH piece and I bet you are looking forward to putting in the last stich. I have just started SOHRH and I can only hope my piece ends up half as good as yours.

    cheers from Australia


  11. Woww Edgar , I love your Mexican sun !! I am soooooo
    and your stitching is great like allways !!
    Patti xx

  12. That beaded art would look just AWESOME framed on a black background, we have some Thai embroidery framed on a black background in a black frame and it looks fantastic, everyone always comments about it.

    Aeleyah looks so beautiful, the sleep of the innocent - it is just gorgeous to spend hours and hours and hours watching!!!

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your little friend passing away, it sounds like you are dealing with it the best way in keeping busy.

    What a cute baby!

    Villages looks marvelous!

  14. Absolutely great progress on Village. You can already prepare your shoes for the Happy Dance.
    Hmmm, part of my patterns and leaflets are organized very nicely in folders, too, but there are always many just floating around because I pulled them out and didn't put them back. And after a while there are more patterns lying around than standing in those folders, lol. Hope your new system works.

  15. Darling baby picture, they are so sweet when they are that small. LOVE your weekend find, what a steal. I will be sad to see the Village all done, it's been such fun watching it take shape. Who doesn't love Clark Gable?


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