Monday, March 16, 2009

Another busy weekend - not a bust!!!!

This past weekend followed like the ones before - except that unlike last weeks giant no buy bust weekend - this weekend was quite different!! We visited quite a few sales and found a pile of stuff!!! Here is a snap of our haul -

Starting in the front left - we found some great circus fabric - what I will ever do with it I haven't a clue, but isn't it great!! Then we have some giant pieces of finishing fabric and some quilt books -from an estate we found that had a bookcase of 1000's of quilt books - these are the three I got, and the fabrics came from the boxes of fabric -moving to the back.... you are looking at my second super 221 Featherweight Sewing Machine - circa 1952 - it runs like a dream and was a complete bargain!! Now I have two, and do I really need two???? In front of the sewing machine is a big old french frog - I am going to keep scissors in - I really like that idea, and then there are the two great frames that Rico bought - aren't they cute! We did visit a house sale on Saturday that Rico and I went back to on Sunday and I bought this...

...gorgeous rock solid mahogany chair for almost nothing. I saw it on Saturday and they wanted $175 which is a steal anyway - then when we went back she knocked $125 off the price!!! So I now have a beautiful big arm chair to throw my dirty clothes on!! We haven't a spare space anywhere, but I just couldn't pass!!! We also visited our farmers market and look at these beautiful asparagus that had just been cut yesterday morning -

They were just scrumptious last night steamed with a pat of butter!!!
They are in one of my favorite McCoy pitchers!!

The mail on Friday was really good to me - I received my MAW from Kate - I had wanted a needle roll in autumnal colours and she made this one for me....

It is just beautiful and I love the way it looks with all my other stitchy treasures!!!
Thank you so much Kate!!

I also received and order from Amazon -

The new release from Disney - Pinocchio - and the Deanna Durbin box set - I am a super Disney nut - and I had been wanting this movie for the longest time to vcome out in DVD - it certainly didn't disappoint - the extras are great....and the film itself is just beautiful!!!!

On the stitching front I finished up a one on one exchange I had been working on, an ornament for another exchange...and then yesterday ALL afternoon and evening I worked on getting all those DMC floss' wound onto bobbins and into numerical order in cases. I finished that project up as it was just about driving me crazy!!! - it was such a tangle and mess that at times I just cut out huge hunks of the stuff just to get a strand going!!! Now it's over and I can find everything! I also did a quick floss toss for the CHS Alphabet blocks - here is..

the floss' on a piece of "Legacy" and here they are on...

a piece of "Days Gone By" - this piece I got specifically for this project , but am having second thoughts - at least a year ago I had seen someone else had done the blocks on apiece of DGB and I just fell in love with it - but now I am rethinking it..... as there is no rush I am not feeling I have to make a decision , yet!

On Saturday afternoon Dale, Eunice and I also got over to a gigantic scrapbook store in Berkeley - called Scrapbook Territory - now I really haven't a clue about this scrapbooking stuff but I wanted to go along to see. I was just blown away with all the stuff!! Hundreds of stamp things, a million pieces of paper and a ga-zillion stickers!!! I found the wall of ribbons a bought a bunch of that. I found out that there is way more to the scrap booking than just Elmer's and construction paper!!

That's about it for today - Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. What a stellar weekend - I'm envious!

    I love the floss toss with the DGB, btw. ;)

  2. That circus fabric is so toile that I bet you could get away with a pillow and no one would think twice until they sat next to it. I have one of those Singers too. I hardly ever use it anymore, but it zips forward and back like a champ!

  3. Oooh, another Featherweight! I'd be excited too! Congrats!

    The chair looks a lot like a chair that my Granma has...she had hers re-upholstered in a darker color, though, after grandkids started hanging around. :-)

  4. You made out like a bandit...wonderful finds! Looking forward to seeing which fabric you choose, they're both gorgeous!!!

  5. I am loving that circus fabric. I've never seen some with a circus print. Looks like you had a great acquisition weekend. The chair is a beauty too.

  6. Staci has it right, you made out like a bandit!

    I am crazy jealous over the Featherweight (you do know how much quilters will pay for those right?). But that chair is killing me. Send it my way, I'll re-upholster it and use it as my stitching chair. :D

    I think you should rename your blog "King of Bargins".

  7. What great finds! I love the circus fabric. I can't wait to see you use it! And the colors for your next project are wonderful.

  8. Wow...sounds like a great weekend! Love the circus fabby. I think I like Legacy over DGB. Can't wait to see what you decide. :)

  9. What a super haul! I too am loving the circus fabric. Is there any info on it - the manufacturer, etc. I think I would have trouble cutting into it. :o)

  10. What a good week-end ! Your chair is so beautiful in écru ...
    And I think like you : ribbons are also for other things than scrapbooking !

  11. Oh, I'm so afraid of scrapbooking ... afraid that I'll have to start a new passion.

  12. Love your finds, Edgar. I just posted a pic of my scissors collection in a frog just like the one you got. Love it! I love the Singer machine and your circus fabric, too! Oh, and the chair is awesome!

  13. I totally love the fabric and all the wonderful steals you found! Asparagus is my favorite!

    scrapbooking is nice and easy to get hooked on but I have always said the people who work with fibers are the nicest and most giving people.

  14. Beautiful bargins. That Featherweight is such a lucky buy, so is the chair. love those fabrics too.

  15. Beautiful roll and I like your armchair too...

  16. WOW!! Love the 2nd Singer!! The chair is amazing! You always find the best goodies! I need to shop in your area! My kind of weekend!

  17. OMG, Edgar, I can't get enough looking at the pictures of all your finds and threads and fabrics. I just feel a shopping spree coming up ....

  18. Oh, I am SO jealous! A feather weight?! I love it!!!!
    All the goodies is great!And here you are with the CHS Alphabet again...makes me want to do that too...*again* as I've been kicking it around lately. But you actually get stuff done, where I just start things and they flounder.

    Since I'm on a diet, I've been eating a lot of asparagus, and I must say those look like heaven and much better than what we get here in good'ol Indiana this time o' year....

  19. Oh my gosh! Edgar you found a Featherweight at an estate sale? you're so lucky.... Love all the pictures!

  20. Congrats on all the great finds! Yes, it's the season for asparagus - YUM!

  21. What a wonderful weekend. That chair is an absolute 'steal', you luck dog you. The circus fabby would be hard for me to cut up as well. And I'm drooling over your asparagus.....way to early for that out here.


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