Monday, August 15, 2022

A Little Stitchin' Finsh and a Little Stitchin' Start - Fall I

Gentle Friends, I finished up Mary Ann, or I should say I finished up my version of Mary Ann,  as you might remember it was an exclusive kit from a Facebook Group I belong to... here's a snaperoo...

6/30 - 8/9/2022
The Mary Ann Aldred Sampler - Needlework Press
40ct LL Vintage Pear
Recommended CC Floss

Although I had originally planned and bought the whole shebang to stitch on the called for 40ct Vintage Country Mocha...when I started stitching I REALLY did not like the the Vintage Pear came from my stash...I also "adjusted" bits here and there I wasn't happy with in the sampler.  I know it's a "reproduction" and all that  - BUT - it's me that's gotta stitch and be the one happy whilst doing the stitching... and some of the wonkiness just was NOT going to I fixed, moved, and did it my way.  Sorry, it looks a bit wavy, but I didn't notice it when I was taking the pictures and I didn't want to pull it out from the box of finishes in the closet to re-take...   I do like how it turned out and although I'm not a "pink" person, I do like the pink in this.

My first Fall piece is... Salem Remembered by The Primitive Sticher by Lisa Roswell who died back in 2011.  This has been on my list of rare, HTF, and elusive charts for years.  I've chased them all over the place and have never been able to acquire a copy.  I guess I could have a copy, but I'm just not willing to pay over $300 for a chart that consists of a list of names with a few bits and bobs in a box!!!  Nope, not doing it... so I put on the old thinking cap and got to work.  

There are many pictures of SR in various stages of stitching and lots of completed ones on the Internet.  I found all the pertinent images I needed to basically recreate the chart myself without stooping to a bootleg copy.  Lisa's family made a statement years ago that there would be no re-printing of charts so that was always going to be a brick wall I would hit.  I think I've come up with a good solution, I'm smart enough to stitch it from the pictures I've got and I can count and I even found a list of the silks used.  I've had to adjust the silks also as one of them is no longer available...  
so here's my small start...

Salem Remembered - The Primitive Stitcher

36ct "Barn Owl" - Birds of a Feather

Various Silks

You might notice linen I'm using is a wonderful piece of older BoF Barn owl.  Quite a few years ago Birds of a Feather were linen dyers in Oregon that made the most gorgeous linen that was a dream to stitch on in beautiful colors.  All the linens were named for birds and this was my go-to linen!!  They have long gone and this is my very last piece of linen from BoF.  It's kinda bittersweet using this last piece but it had to go at some point and I'm happy to use it for this stitch.


That's about it for today sports.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again.  Stay Safe!

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  1. You will have my complete, undivided, and riveted attention as you stitch Salem Remembered. It is one that has been on my "covet" list of ISO's for a long, long, time.... I, however, have Black'd Skie at long last and that will keep me occupied for some time...that is once I decide on linens and floss. ~Robin~

  2. Mary Ann is a beautiful finish, Edgar. Well done! You are off to a good start on Salem Remembered.

  3. Mary Ann is beautiful. No one but you will know that you made changes to a chart. Wonkiness usually bothers me also. I have often thought that I could recreate vintage pieces from photos. I look forward to watching your progress on this.

  4. I might have Salem Remembered here. Lisa and I use to write back and forth. We were planning on do a design of a Venetian type of ball called “ “Welcome to my Wicked Masked Ball”. We were going to take some ideas from “ Msaqurade” scene in The Phantom of the Opera” and from the ball scene in “ Labyrinth” but as you know it never happened. I did get some of Lisa’s charts before her awful death. I will say I was heartbroken and the dream of the Halloween ball disappeared. I have s.done a few of her works like the “Witiches Hallow”and my favorite was the “Witches Nine” and some others I have done. I love Lisa,s creative mind.



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