Monday, August 24, 2020

A little Stitchin'

Gentle Friends,  stitching away on Little Birds and have finished up most of the right side vine...

where I left off there is some twisty vine at the bottom that turns left to go across the bottom, but I'm leaving it off until I get the left side and then along the bottom as I usually meet up borders in the lower I usually begin in the upper left...from habit, just crazy...who knows...a little of both!!

  You no something, I just noticed that the border is completely uneven all the way around....  duh!

It's a very smoky morning here by the Bay and until the breeze kicks up later today to blow it further east to be replaced by the usual fog we'll have smoke.  

There you go sports fans, not too much going on other than that.  Stay safe!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. I hate when the border is so uneven. It requires much more concentration. This is looking very pretty. I hope the smoke dissipates. My son informed me that a beautiful redwood forest that we hiked a few years ago has been destroyed. So sad.

  2. You and your part of the world have been in my thoughts. It is all so very sad. I was in Santa Cruz quite awhile ago and I just can't imagine that area in smoke and fire. I am glad you are safe in SF. Little Birds is delightful. I don't mind an uneven border. The border is one reason I love that chart!

  3. Little Birds is looking good, Edgar. Please stay safe with all that smoke in the air.

  4. You are so incredibly prolific (and expedient) in your stitching. Loving every bit of this one. I can't imagine living with the smoke and knowing where it's coming from. We actually have had haze the past few days that the news here is attributing to the fires there. Hard to believe it can travel that far..... ~Robin~