Sunday, August 16, 2020

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle Friends, it's been a couple of hot days here by the Bay, hovering in the mid '90s and we had the fans a-going all day and through the night.  No air-conditioning dontcha know!  Now it's Sunday afternoon and we've had thunder and lighting through the late night and all morning, with the rain coming in waves.  It's nice to have a break in the heat and even nicer to get some rain.  Usually, we don't get any rainy anything until around Thanksgiving.  Oh well, even with losing the electricity for a couple of hours last night I got some stitching done on Little Birds over the past few days...
 here's a snaperoo..

.... here comes some more rain so before we loose the electric again (and I just know we will!) I'll sign off.  Hope your weekend is going well, thanks for stopping by do stop again.  Stay Safe!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. I feel somewhat many are having unbearable heat and humidity and we have had a stretch of picture perfect summer weather. I wish I could bottle it and save it for the months ahead. That border fascinates me.....great progress too!! Stay safe and cool! ~Robin~

  2. The border is really looking good! It is hot here too. I just saw the weather, 96 degrees! UG!

  3. Beautiful stitchery and gorgeous colours! Here in Atlantic Canada our days have been in the 90s but the nights have plunged to 60 and the geese are gathering for their flights South. Fall?!!

  4. Hello Edgar - your stitching is beautiful (as always!). Thanks for sharing. I love thunder and lightning. Reminds me of summers on the East Coast when I was a kid. We're hoping for some rain here in the Pacific NW this week - we'll see. Stay safe!

  5. We have been blessed with 84-88 days and 64-66 nights with smattering
    of rain to wash us off...As ever, your stitchery is so well chosen
    and executed. Thanks to you, dear Edgar, I am now doing Beatitudes and
    using your color substitutions... a grand piece, bless you. Keep cool and make the best of what comes.

  6. Looking good! It's hot here. Usually it's hot in June and then the monsoon comes in and the humidity goes up/temps down for July/August. Not this year. We break the record every day for most days of 110+ temps. And no rain in sight on the west side where I live.

  7. Dearest Edgar: Nice progress, it has been normal here for once.
    I hope the storms do not get to awful.


  8. Keep seeing on the news where San Francisco is getting lots of smoke
    and high temperatures. Hope you guys are making it all right.
    Take care...

  9. Wow, you already started your new project - very nice

    My brother lives in Princeton and looks like they also faced a lot of power cuts last week. Hope all is well now