Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle friends, so... we spent the bulk of the weekend painting our home... as you might remember we are in the throws of sprucing up our lives.  We have been in the same space for 15+ years and we've gotten very used to the same old furniture and same old paint on the walls... but after a while, things get to looking dull... or dare I say shabby... and less chic and more shock than I'd like to admit!  Even though we've talked about getting things changed up... new fabric and new paint... it's been all talk for years.  Finally, this past summer pulling on our big boy pants we dove into the mire and bought some fabric then got the furniture off to the upholsterers for recovering - these are due back in the next few weeks.  We also tossed out the old couch and replaced it with a new couch. It is amazing how nice it is to sit down without all the squeaks and creaks of a broken-down sofa.  It made more sense to replace the sofa than recover it and it was a hand me down a decade ago.

With a few pieces of furniture out of the house, it was time to get amove on with the painting. On Friday I took the day off to spend at the DMV getting my new "Real ID" which went off very efficiently and I was done in under an hour!!  Then I headed over to Lowes for paint.  We had done some research earlier and had decided on the two colours ( light celadon green called "Brown Buzz" for the front hall and living room and a darker green for the dining room)  The trip out to Lowes was really just getting the paint mixed and supplies bought.

Saturday was spent with getting the front hall and living room painted.  Since we live in a townhouse/apartment we really have no place to move everything out in one fell swoop so it was more about moving sections of stuff around, paint that area wait for it to dry then put things back in place and move on to the next area.... it took all day.  

But, we got it all done, everything got put back cleaned and we are so pleased... not only did we get new paint, but a deep clean for Fall... WOO HOO!!  We'll get the dining room done in the next two days so that by Friday we'll be all-new painted and cleaned.  Why Friday you ask... we have massages in the evening and I want to go into the weekend all relaxed and after having nice deep massages by Andrew I'm hoping for a nirvana experience!

I did do some stitching during the week and finished up the big bird in the Fall section and here's a snap...


There you go sports fans, just a quickie update on our lives here by the Bay!!  
Thanks for stopping by do stop again.

Good Thoughts! Good Woods!  Good Deeds!



  1. It's always hard work, but worth the effort when my home gets a refresher... I'm eager to see yours.

  2. Will you please come paint at my house, too? We are definitely dragging our butts getting it done!

    As always, love the stitching!

  3. Dearest Edgar: I am so excited you are able to do the redecorating and painting, it always feels so good to have fresh.
    I do hope you share your progress and your lovely decorating for fall.
    I love Blackbird designs, I think I have so many of their design and want to stitch them more then once.
    Have a lovely week, I hope the kids love the new sofa and chairs.


  4. Looking forward to seeing your"new" place. Sometimes it is better to get new than keep recovering the old. I have chairs that I redid 3 times. This time they finally had to go. The Autumn bird is looking great!

  5. Gorgeous stitching. Congratulations on getting painting done, in our house it is always a major operation and take forever whenever my husband finally agrees to doing it (as I am completely terrible at painting I am banned from such activities). x