Monday, April 23, 2018

A Few Stitchin' Answers

Gentle Friends, well, I'm still stitching I away on Hannah and here's where we are at the moment...

... I've had a few emails about this sampler and thought I would Post some answers to the questions I was asked ... Yes, this is a reproduction piece from an original stitched by Hannah Beeby in 1816.  Yes, as with all the stitching I do, I'll put my own twists in it as I go along.  I had the most inquiries about the lower case alphabet and here's some info I lifted from the National Museum of American History...

"Many early samplers do not have the letters “J” and “U” in their alphabets because they were not part of the early Latin alphabet and so the letter “I” was used for “J” and the “V” for “U.” The letter “s” is often replaced with the printers “s” which looks like the modern f."

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again.

Take care,


  1. You have made super progress on Hannah Beeby.

  2. Hannah is coming along nicely!

  3. Really interesting and I love reading your blog while having a coffee here in Sydney

  4. That is going to be a beautiful sampler. i think i have the chart in my stash. I will really love seeing your progress and maybe get inspired to stitch that one. Are you using the called for colors?

  5. Dearest Edgar: Beautiful Sampler, thank-you for the information about the alphabet, very interesting.


  6. I remember taking a sampler to the framers, many years ago, and they called me to tell me I had made a mistake.
    I wasn't sure what they meant so I went to the shop with my chart and when I saw what they were talking about I had to explain, no J because they didn't use them. It was funny and they learned something new. They new me very well and wanted to give me the chance to fix it before it was framed.

  7. This is such a lovely sampler, I can't wait to see it finished.


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