Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Little Thrifting

Gentle Freinds, we made it to some of the shops and an estate sale, even with all the weather blowing about....  nothing keeps me down when there could be fun stuff out there!!  Here's a snap...

... I found some fun DVD's to add the collection, the little cross is a small copy of the St Damiano Cross which is a Romanesque rood cross found in the Basilica of St Clare in Assisi, Italy.  The super framed photo I found in a pile of framed things at a Goodwill....

......if you remember my sordid past, I was once a curator in a museum in Florida and when I worked there we had an exhibition of fine art photo's by Clyde Butcher, so I knew right away - what - who and where this photo came from, I immediately picked it up for purchase.  

Back then, when I was curating the show I really wanted one of his photos but at the time just couldn't afford one.  There is a label on the back identifying that this particular framed photo came from Clyde's "Big Cypress Gallery" in Ochopee, Florida - it is signed on the front and dated on the back "2/22/97" and is titled "Kissimmee River #5 - 1995."  Now, you know if you've been reading this blog that I am really not a fan of Florida, too hot, too buggy, too sunny the list goes on and on.......... however, the natural beauty of the state is spectacular and this picture really epitomises what that beauty is like  (my photo of the photo is bad, sorry), when I lived in Florida near the Tomoka River at that time had large stretches of area that looked very much like this, and natural areas like this are quickly disappearing under the developers shovel!!

 Now, flash forward to this past weekend...when I went to buy it I had know idea that it was actually on sale so I paid an even smaller fraction of the original price - so woohoo for me and the bargain of the week!!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Dearest Edgar: Wonderful finds, I love black and white photos, they are so beautiful, growing up with a Brownie camera, I am 66 so you can guess which camera I had, it only shot black & white film.


  2. A Clyde Butcher print at a bargain price - excellent day even if you'd found nothing else!

  3. Lucky you to have the discerning eye to spot that wonderful photo
    and the good fortune to get it for a fraction of its value....enjoy.

  4. Great find on the photo! Your *connection* (if that's the word I'm looking for) to it (sordid past lol and Florida) makes it all the more special. You much have an awesome movie collection. Movies are one of the first things I look at in a thrift store. Do you ever look for them in pawn shops? I don't think I commented on Sarah the other day but she is looking good!


  5. I just need to ask. What do you two do with all the stuff you buy? Do you keep it or do you sell it? I've been coming to visit your blog for a few years now,and I've a lot of stuff,you must have a big house on the hill,to hold it all!

  6. You are such a successful thrifter! The photos is so pretty. Like you, I am no great fan of Florida but it does have some natural beauty.

  7. Bargain of the week indeed! That photo is gorgeous. I had no idea you were a curator in your past life ~ no wonder you have such a good eye for thrifting!! I always enjoy seeing your discoveries.

  8. Your bargain photo is beautiful, so serene.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photo. Great get.

  10. WHAT a find that one is! You are the king of thrifty!


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