Friday, December 9, 2016

A Great Friday Bit o'News

Gentle Friends, as you know I was doing the Jury Selection thing off and on this week,...  and it started off with me going in on Monday... after hearing all about serving on a Jury and how things work in the courtroom the Judge lets us know that this case could drag on in late February.... you read that right, February!! or even into march!  So when she asked about "hardship" issues that we potential jurors might have and who couldn't serve, about 80% of the folks raised their hands. 

I didn't because I didn't have any "legitimate" hardship issues as spelled out by her Worship.  She let us go telling everyone that was leaving without hardship issues to return on Thursday Morning at 9:30.

So I trot back to the Court yesterday and we stand around in the Hall in front of the Courtroom waiting until after 10:00.... eventually we all file back into the courtroom, find seats and have roll call taken.  Next enters the Judge.... she explains that the hardship cases from Monday have been dealt with and now there is good news and bad news......  the bad news is that she was letting us go in a few minutes and we would need to return at 1:30 in the afternoon, the good news was that the lawyers and what-not associated with the case are coming together and are near to resolving the case......

Flash forward to 1:30 pm and once again we are all gathered and waiting in the hall in front of the court room.  Time passes and it gets to be 2:00... a few minutes later we are let into the court, we all find seats and roll call is taken once again......  with quite a few folks missing, which I found odd.  Enter the judge and again good news, bad news.... the bad news was that they had not reached a resolution.....  good news... they were super close so she asked us to sit still for about 15 minutes at which time things could go either way, either a resolution or starting Jury selection........ so we're all sitting there just waiting and watching the bench...  after  a few minutes out comes the judge from her chambers and it's only good news this time - a resolution!! As soon as she released us, which took about 2 minutes I was headed back to work.  So I've served my Jury Duty for 12 months!!!  Woo Hooo  

The week ended on a .....

High Note!!!!

That's about all there is sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!  Have a great weekend!!

Take care,


  1. Great news Edgar! Good for you for being so honest!

  2. Hooray! That must have been a relief! I had jury duty this summer. Thought I'd be picked for a jury, but it went through a few levels of choosing and I went free! And I am free from jury duty for some number of years now. Pretty cool!

  3. Edgar, I'm so glad the potentially long trial was settled and your jury service is over! I was once on a week-long trial and that was more than long enough.

  4. I have only sat on a jury once. The other one I was called for was resolved - which was good as I knew one of the attorneys.

  5. I am glad you did your public duty. So many try to avoid it and they shouldn't. it is a great experience for learning and a true understand of how the legal system works.

  6. I like jury duty but two months is a bit much!! Glad it was resolved.

  7. So pleased the case was resolved quickly for you and you could hop off home.

  8. When I did jury duty the court explained to us that very often when the defendant actually sees the jury pool enter the courtroom the defendant decides to work harder to accept a plea deal. It's all in the psychology!

  9. Congratulations on participating in the system. I have been called several times but not had to serve.


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