Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Few Fun Things

Gentle Friends, wrapping up the last of my trip  I mentioned I would take a snap of the things I bought - now you must remember I usually don't buy much when I travel, mostly just small trinkets that can work as Christmas ornaments.....

I found the matching pair of Adirondack frames in North Carolina at a small antique shop.  They came with prints - that I left in NC - next, there is the early 19th-century transferware plate, a great piece of "Wild Rose" - which is a pattern I collect, also from an Antique Mall near New Bern, NC....

 ... I picked up these three ornaments in Washington, the little plate, and teapot came from Mt Vernon, the plate is a reproduction from a gift of hard paste porcelain tableware in 1782 to George Washington from the Comte de Custine who owned the Niederviller Factory in Strasbourg, the gifted porcelain featured Washington's initials on a cloud crown by roses, the little green chicken came from the Museum of the American Indian and was carved by a Navajo, and the little pink transferware teapot features the colonnaded front of Mt Vernon...

... this Christmas Chihuahua came from a great Christmas Shop in Greenville, NC...

and this little kit came from Mt Vernon, they had quite a selection and I thought this would work up nicely as anther little ornament... and there you go.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I just love it all, Edgar, you have such a great eye for treasures.

  2. Perfect choices, and that sweet Chihuahua - just what your tree needed!

  3. Good Evening Edgar, You have found some wonderful treasurers. I especially love the blue transferware as I am a lover as well. I tend to collect Blue Delft pieces as I visited Holland many years ago and fell in love with the design.
    Your little Christmas ornament is so sweet. I have to say Adirondack frames are something I am not acquainted with.... I have heard of Adirondack chairs, are they made by the same company?
    Enjoy your evening.
    Best Wishes

  4. I would say you made some very nice purchases.

  5. Good buys! Those frames are awesome, what are you going to do with them?

  6. Great finds! I especially like the chihuahua and Mt Vernon plate ornaments. The chihuahua is adorable.

  7. I'm behind on blog reading, so catching up with your posts. Very fun to see your stitching, your meet up with Vonna, your trip to Alcatraz, and your souvenirs from your trip to the East coast too!

  8. I spied your cross stitch from Mt. Vernon. I picked up that very same graph when I was there and stitched it up for my sister-in-law as a door hanger.
    When we were there, they had a retired pastry chef from the White House with a his book along with a beautiful and very large gingerbread house on display. Such a fun visit.


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