Friday, April 10, 2015

"Art in Bloom" - Macy's Flower Show 2015 (Lots of Snaps)

Gentle Friends, once again we made the trek down to Union Square and a visit to the Macy's Annual Flower Show - you can click on either year 2013, 2014 - to see past Flower shows.  This year the theme was "Art in Bloom - and the flower displays were to be inspired by art and artists.......

.....  the front windows were once again filled with lovely things......

......  a little Picasso......

...... the main hall through the make-up and perfume area....

....... a little Matisse......

......  a little Calder (I think)..... it was hard to tell sometimes what art or artist was being interpreted....

..... this was in the main perfume area and I made a stab at whom may have been the inspiration...... Chihuly - since these were blown glass pieces in bunches at either end of the "BLOOM", but once again it was just a stab in the dark...

.......  in the watches area was this wonderful succulent display - lovely but I couldn't figure out from whence the inspiration came.....

..... and in the fine and costume jewelry was this main pedestal with a copy of Michelangelo's "David" .  One of my pet peeves and something that just sets my teeth on edge is censorship - and that little leaf just got me going - if a nude statue is so offensive to the general public then don't use the piece - I've been to Florence and seen the real David and it's magnificent, so when some fool decorator starts messing with such important pieces of Western Art then something is desperately wrong. 

... more floral displays - again I couldn't even hazard a guess.........

......  this one I felt could have had a little van Gogh going on .....

.......  another guess....  maybe Manet "Dejuener sur l'Herbe"...... Overall a lovely display, but a bit disjointed  and confusing with very little information.  I hope you enjoyed a little Macy's trip!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

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  1. They really do a nice job with the flowers. You can get a twofer with a little garden and retail therapy, Ha!

  2. I agree about David statue, just don't use that particular one. I saw the one with umbrella and carriage and thought Monet, he did " Woman with Parasol". That is what I was reminded of ( forgive me ending with a preposition). Such a treat to see all the floral displays!

  3. Oh my....what a treat! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hey Edgar, thank you for the tour of Macy's Flower Show, I enjoyed your commentary.
    Take care, Lancy

  5. Thank you Edgar.... I really appreciated your photo tour of the flower show!

  6. Beautiful displays and I love a man who is *passionate* about the arts. Thank you for the tour.


  7. Totally agree about David!Lovely flower show!The Chihully if it is one I love!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. A post full of loveliness Edgar, thanks for the journey.

  9. What a great idea for a floral display. The staff certainly put a lot of effort into each piece.

    And I'm with you on the censorship too, totally unnecessary. If you don't like all the statue then use a different work of art for your inspiration.

  10. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. You made some very good guesses!

  11. I enjoyed my tour through Macy's! Thanks for sharing the beautiful flower displays (even though you were a little disappointed in the statue). Have a good weekend Edgar!

  12. The flowers on the poster remind me of the flowers on your new sampler you'll be stitchin'. On a side note I laughed when I saw the DVD you bought.. Flyboys. Our middle son is a pilot. He flies Hawkers and Falcons out of Detroit. Anyway his brothers call him flyboy. I never made the connection because I didn't know there was a movie. After a couple phone calls they informed me that's where the name came from. Thanks Edgar ... I never would have known. :~)

  13. Thanks for sharing your pictures. What a treat to see this beautiful display. Big cities have so much to offer.

    I agree with you on the David sculpture. I think the sunflowers are my favorite display.

  14. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Edgar. And I'm with you on the statue, when a classic work of art is censored, the "cover up" can stand out like a sore thumb drawing more attention to those areas because it just doesn't look right. If you're worried about offending someone, choose another work of art. Ok, I'm coming down off my high horse now...

  15. So lovely! I was hoping to make it into NYC to see the Macy's display there, but I missed it. Maybe next year!

  16. That is wonderful So lucky to live there I will follow you so will be back

  17. LOVE, LOVE this flower show!!! Thank you for sharing! I think you have the artists right--or at least those would be my guess!
    The one with the parasol and baby carriage could be based on Cassatt's Young Mother in the Garden? Or maybe not!! HA
    If that's the case, then I'd guess the other one with all the flowers and frame to be Monet.
    Who knows, but it sure is fun to look at and guess!!


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