Thursday, May 10, 2012


Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thanks so much for letting me know about the issues that are still going on here with the Blog.  It is so irritating... I have tried every fix I can find on the Blog Help site or suggestion they make about .  i have also gone back to previous Posts and unlinked everything linked to any post for about 4 weeks back... I hope that helps.  any suggestions are more than welcome at this point as I have no idea what else I can do.  

The Google/Blog site insists that nothing is actually linked and that there are no real issues and that more that likely the site prompting the "Mal ware" Warning is extra sensitive Spam and Security programs being used.  Since I am still getting 100's of hits on Blacksheep with only a few emails still about the Warning - that not every body is getting that Warning.....  what's the opinion of you the reader ??????

I feel so out of the loop when it comes to Tech things and mechanical apparati - that when anything gets to going wrong or malfunctions it will send  me into a wild crazy temper every time.  I think it is the helplessness and the "at the mercy" of these dang things that throws me the biggest curve!!  Oh well...  lets hope for better working bits!

Still stitching on MA Hutton - I get a progress snap up in a few days, when it is a bit more interesting.

Last night the Netflix Pix was a really enjoyable film called "An Angel for May" - 2002 - starring Matthew Beard,Tom Wilkinson, Geraldine James and Anna Massey. 

 I had never heard of this TV film - and only got it because of the recommendation from Netflix - and -  I really enjoy Anna Massey and Tom Wilkinson.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  here is a nutshell IMBD blurb about the film...

 "Tom travels fifty years to the past after discovering a time machine. He meets May, a little orphan who needs help. Now that he knows his friends' fate and his own, he will try to reorder the events and change their history." 

 That's not a very accurate nutshell of the film as there is no "time machine" - what lets Tom travel back a forth in time is a "time portal."  Overall the film is really charming and worth a look - safe for any age  - and I hate to call it this but it is a great Family Film  - that tag is often the kiss of death for a film.

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by, do come again!

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  1. Hi Edgar, I get the malware message and suspect it is linked to one of the clips or photos of the flicks that you post about. I would never believe that you would post anything malicious so I just bypass the warning! This probably hasn't helped you at all!

  2. Edgar - I have never had any issues viewing your web page in internet explorer. I fear it is the poor person's computer who is viewing your blog that has the "mal ware" problem. I suggest they check their spam and security setting as some programs like Norton get very picky when it comes to loading/reading blogger add-ons

  3. Hi Edgar, FYI , I haven't had any problems with your blog site! The film looks very interesting,I like time travel themes.

  4. I still get the warning too. I just ignore it because I know this site.

  5. Edgar I am still getting the malware message too.

  6. Thanks for the movie ;)
    Hugs and kisses for ya

  7. I found it, Edgar! I looked at EVERY link on your front page. It's at the very bottom of your blog...on the right-hand side. The snowy house calender thingy? It is linked to the site Google is warning about.

  8. I use internet explorer and I haven't gotten any messages. When I first log on to blogger I get a warning that I need to upgrade to google chrome but I haven't done that.