Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little Spring and More Cake

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thanks for all your kind encouragement for Shores...  I can defiantly feel that one wrapping up soon.  I am in a quandary as to where to place some small initials and a date.  When I finished up Village at HRH I was in the same place - where to put the initials.  I know I can always throw them under the blocks but I wanted to incorporate them into the piece - so a little 1 over 1 action is needed.  I think I know the spot I'll put them,  but am open to suggestions.

Yesterday when we got home the daffodils we had picked up at Trader Joe's on Saturday had started to pop and really said "Spring" to me....  so I got a snap..

.... it's our little vignette to the season.

In the comments Jackie, from over at "Jackie's Stitches" (there is some lovely stitching going on over there, go check it out!!) made me laugh right out loud!!!  I didn't mean to leave you with the impression I only liked 4 kinds of cake - in fact I personally think cake should be its own food group!!!  I love me some cake  - just about every kind - however I do have a top four preference list - that will always get me going!!!  Topping off that list is German Chocolate Cake - 

from Shiny Cooking

.....which has absolutely nothing to do with Germany or German baking - click HERE to read more about this delicious cake!!

Second on the list is Boston Cream Pie - 

from PBS
This "cake" has nothing to do with any kind of pie, but was invented in Boston!!  You can read HERE about this deliciousness!!!

Third on my list of Top Four Cakes would have to be my Great Grandmother Walton's Pound Cake - 

This is one I made in 2009 - as many of you know in my family at we have a Christmas tradition of serving a Birthday Cake for Baby Jesus.  Since my Grandmother passed and my Mom no longer bakes I have been making the "cake" for the past few years. 

Wrapping up the list is Rum Cake - 

from PtitChef
I have made this cake a few times over the past few years - and it looks like this and is the same recipe - quite delicious!!

There you go - my top 4 Cakes - gotta love 'em!!

That's about it for today sports fans.  
Thanks again for you kind comments and for stopping by - do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I think I gained 10 lbs just reading this post, LOL! So delicious, you sure picked some good ones :o)

    Love the daffodils...they are so beautiful and one of my favorite flowers!!

  2. Ah yes, another fattening post from Edgar. lol! They all look delicious!

  3. My mouth is definitely watering Edgar. I love the first cake ! yum. Your shores is just wonderful . I bought the chart b/c of seeing yours. Thanks for adding to my stash . Happy Easter from Canada!P.S.Love what you did for Loraine!

  4. Why do I suddenly feel like eating massive amounts of cake????

  5. The button just popped off the waist of my pants!!! Reading your CAKE post did it! Now I want to bake all of those lovely cakes!
    I have Shores in my stash and I really want to get started on it! I'm interested to see what you do with those initials!
    Happy Easter--those daffodils look like the season!

  6. All your cakes are making me hungry! LOL My suggestion for initial placement on Shores would be in the bottom right corner square, on the pier that the bird sits on. It think it would look like it was carved in the post! I look forward to seeing where you decide :)

  7. Beautiful flowers and yummy cakes, Would love to come for tea some time.

  8. I love the pictures of the cake. I hope I didn't drool on my computer, being on a diet stinks! LOL!

  9. Stop with the cakes already, will ya??? You're making me crazy!!! :o)

  10. Oh my gosh, my mouth is watering! It must be lunch time!!! Love your Shores sampler. You are finishing it in good time too. It gives me hope.
    Now I'm off to have a piece of cake...or a brownie. :)

  11. Ahhhhhh - now I'm hungry! I think I could smell me some cake through the computer. My mouth is watering. Swell...heading to the kitchen to forage!

  12. Nothing like a little baking to perk up the day! Cannot wait for the Shores finish:)

  13. Well there you go! I always thought the German Chocolate baking squares were related to something German. I had no idea it was the name of the guy that gave us this marvel. I love your favorites, and a good dark chocolate with whipped cream frosting, poppy seed cake, my mom's shaved chocolate sponge cake, Italian love cake, cheese cake ..... never mind.

  14. I totally count Cake as a food group!!! Isn't it?? LOL

  15. Now this is a great post Edgar! Nothing but cakes (well almost!). But your cake-less posts are pretty good too! The daffodils are beauties. Have a nice evening!

  16. Some people are pie people and some are cake people. I am definitely a cake person. Don't think I've met a cake that I didn't like and your 4 look great!

  17. I must confess - I have had cake for breakfast on more than one occasion! And I don't see anything wrong with that at all1 There is nothing like a good pound cake - and it seems to be a cake that isn't made as much anymore. I loved seeing your great grandmothers cake featured in this post. I'm glad to see this is a top 4 list and not only the 4 cakes you love. :)

  18. German chocolate is my favorite. It was my Dad's favorite and I kind of inherited it. I always make the frosting from scratch (I will get a cake mix for the cake) because the coconut canned frosting just isn't the same.

    And I don't get Boston Creme Pie. It's not a pie. I have made one from scratch as it's my stepson's favorite pie...erm...cake.

  19. Had a really lovely catch up read here Edgar after my hols, yummy cakey piccies, sure makes a girl hungry seeing all that loveliness.

    Shores is looking stunning, what about putting your initials/date etc onto the sails of the ship in a bottle just like they have their own special reference numbers on sailing craft?

    Have a lovely Easter xxx

  20. Such a cute little spring pillow! I love the daffodils too!! MMM those cakes are making me hungry!!

  21. I love me some German Chocolate cake too! That pic made my mouth water, lol! Next time you're in Florida, go to a Sweetbay and check out their bakery for a Chocolate Raspberry Torte cake. It's scrumptious!! (unless, that is, you have already discovered it ;) )

    Thanks for sharing, as always!!