Friday, April 1, 2011

A Movie Posting

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends our wacky weather here in the Bay was totally out of whack yesterday - it was bright and sunny with the heat getting into the low 80's - and I had actual sweat appear on my porcelain brow!!  Now, it is only spring and it was only a single day, but for goodness sakes - that hot, that soon - through me for a loop!  It is much better today and will be back in the low 60's over the weekend (with a chance of rain) so I guess one warmish day is OK.

Last Sunday we lost another Movie Star

 - Farley Granger - 1925-2011

He started his film career with a small part in "The North Star" - 1943 and then moved on to bigger rolls.  Two of his most memorable films were collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock - the films are - "Rope" -1948 and "Strangers on a Train" - 1951.  By the late 50's he had moved onto the small screen with lots of TV work.  He worked steadily at his craft through the 1970's, 80's and 90's with his last role in "The Next Big Thing" - 2001. He will be missed.

Last night the flicker was "The Cowboy and the Lady" - 1938 - starring Gary Cooper and Merle Oberon.  A light fun film about a socialite masquerading as a lady's maid that falls for a plainspoken cowboy.  A simple plot but great chemistry between the two stars.  Well worth a look.

There you go sports fans - thanks again for stopping by, do come again!!  Have a super weekend!!!

Take care,


  1. Only 18 degrees and very dark and windy here...
    Have a brill weekend whatever you do!

  2. I actually met him back in the early 80's at the law firm I was working at in Alexandria, VA. I was all of about 22 and had no clue who he was. He introduced himself and said something about being an actor. I was thinking Granger - Granger - and then went - are you related to Stewart Granger? He sort of grimaced and said he was his brother. I then went on like a blithering idiot for about four minutes about all the movies I'd seen with his brother in them and how I'd enjoyed them. He looked at me and asked if I'd seen any of his. I thought and said, no, no, I don't think I have. Good thing I didn't drivel something about an autograph, because I think he'd have given me a set down!

  3. I still believe the seasons are changing. Down here in New Zealand our Autumns are much warmer now, and the warmth seems to go on for longer...right up to May and June last year.
    Yes we are losing the old greats of the film industry...I love the old movies...there is such a timeless beauty about them :)

  4. Uh oh! Last time I experienced such unseasonable weather in San Francisco was October 17, 1989. It was so beautiful that afternoon that we took a boat cruise in the bay - with no sweaters!

    Not quite so beautiful a few hours later.

    Mary in MN

  5. Envious of your lovely weather. Love Alfred H movies...Rear Window being my favourite...I will check out Mr. G's.


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