Monday, December 6, 2010

The Weekend Just Flew By - Whooosh

GR&DF you know how it is. When the weekend starts and finishes within the same couple of minuets. It felt like that this weekend here in the city by the Bay. The weather held out most of the day Saturday with wispy clouds and some sun, but by Sunday the clouds where just rolling in from the west and we only had what seemed like just a moment before the sky opened up and it poured. Not a steady rain but on and off in waves most of the day.

On Saturday I got another wild hair and hauled out the bread machine-o and was bound-damned and determined to figure out and make some cina-buns. After making the super easy bread part I rolled out and cut up and let rise and baked et voila -

Then covered in a buttery cream cheese frosting they turned out pretty tasty!! I'll throw more snaps and the recipe on BB Bakes. You know something - I think you could cover dirt with cream cheese frosting and it would be simply delicious!!!!!!

Then yesterday morning we went on the hunt for the Christmas tree. This year we decided to have a real tree so we had to go find one. We visited a great lot here in the city and they had some great trees....

and some beautiful wreaths....

they even had the mini table top trees....

We where looking for a smallish 4 footer and eventually found one we thought would be nice. The whole time we where looking I didn't see any pricing on anything anywhere! I should have known that was a bad sign. I always remember my Granny saying "If you have to ask the price, you probably can't afford it." But, I thought to myself - "self, this little scrawny 4 footish tree can't be more the $25 or so." Silly, silly me!!!!! I eventually found someone that could answer my question. She came over to see what tree we wanted.... after looking at her very secret list she extracted from her very inner pocket on her very ratty coat - she said that the little 4 foot tree had a price tag of $68.00. "What was that??" "Oh, just $68" she reiterated and then walked off to stun someone else. I looked at Rico - he was picking his jaw up off the ground at that particular moment. I put back this unusually special and rare noble fir tree - for it was NOT the tree for us. We two poor tree hunters slunked off back to the car and sat there a moment. "Was she kidding!!" - I said...... "Off to the new Lowe's" - Rico said.... and 15 mins later we were pulling into the Lowe's parking lot.

We walked into the store since we didn't see any tree lot - we did pass two 7 foot tall tress decorated with $35 price tags!! Now that's a price!!!! We walked into the Christmas sections and my eyes where accosted by these....

Now I am all for new and unusual colours, but I like me the more traditional red Poinsettias - I can even bend a little for the variegated red and white ones, but not blue (and these were way more blue that they look in the snap!!). We eventually found the tree lot and got us a great 4 foot tall noble fir for $19.99!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!

We got our tree home and wrestled it into the stand - I hate that part!! and it sits all belighted waiting for tonight when the decorations will be applied.

The wild hair from Saturday got me again on Sunday and I whipped up a Cherry Pound Cake -

It is pretty tasty and the majority of this sucker went off to work with Rico this morning. I'll post that recipe also on BB Bakes.

That about wraps up the weekend - I did very little stitching - just not in the mood I guess. Thanks for stopping by, do come again!!!

Take care,


  1. Oh those cinnabuns looks yummy! I have a weakness for those. My all time favorites come from Entemanns Bakery. (Not sure if they make it that far west.) Just heat them up until the icing is all melty and gooey. mmmmmmmmm. Okay now I am at work and they are home in the freezer. No fair. :)

    As for the tree prices. I have heard that they would be expensive this year. But $68 for a 4 footer?? Wow. Good luck with the Lowes tree. Last time I got one from them the needles were falling off all over the place. :) It looked like a real Charlie Brown tree by Christmas. :) I hope your lasts longer.

    And again. Thank you dear Edgar. Thank you.

  2. Your cinnabuns & cherry pound cake look delicious! I think I just gained 5lbs looking at them LOL I will be sure to check for the recipes!

    It's a shame let alone a crime that place wanted a fortune for a 4ft tree! I bet they have a lot left over after Christmas. I use to get a real tree when I lived in NY. We would go to the local tree farm and cut it down ourselves. A big 7ft tree was about $20 then. Nowdays we just have a 9ft artificial tree. Works for me down here in Florida.

  3. Delicious looking cinnabuns and cherry cake - my favourite!

    Expensive trees - I wonder how many they will have left over after the holiday? I look forward to seeing your decorated tree soon!

  4. It's amazing how much places can ask for trees, isn't it? We usually go up north and cut our own which is about the only way to get a tree for a reasonable price. Even that is getting expensive these days! Love all the baking goodness! You are quite the one to make me drool!

  5. I agree about cream cheese making even dirt taste good! The buns look yummy. How horrible about a smaller tree costing so much! Glad you found one that will work!

  6. Your cinabuns and cake look fabulous! Then again, everything you bake looks good to me! Funny, I made a pound cake yesterday too - but mine was lemon.

    Glad you found a tree that will work. Not sure if you did this or not, but sometimes it helps to "recut" the bottom of the tree so it can absorb the water better - it will extend the life of your tree and you should have less "needle-droppage".

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Good for you - I wouldn't pay $68 either for a disposable 4-ft tree! We'll be watching for photos of the decorated tree. Hubby is going to help me get up one of my small pre-lit ones this weekend and that will be mostly it for mylimited decorating this year. I saw the blue pointsettias last year and had the same reaction you did. My favorite is the deep pink ones or red and I'm not a fan of the varigated/spotty ones either. Your baking is making me hungry!

  8. This is hiliarious! When I saw your cina buns I thought... yum, more cream cheese frosting! I agree it would even make dirt taste better. $68 for a teeny tree... yikes. What enquiring minds (well, mine anyway) want to know is how much exercise must you have to do to be able to eat even a portion of the yummy stuff you make? Also, would you ever consider moving to Virginia.....?

  9. I am drooling over your gorgeous looking buns! I drooled and drooled! ;) Your cake looks amazing too!
    Live Christmas trees are sooo expensive here, and so I just thought they were better prices other places, but alas I guess not. We broke down and bought a fake tree a few years ago that could honestly be real, it looks that perfect.
    I'm so glad that you found one, and I can't wait to see your tree all decorated and ready for please?
    Hugs and kisses, kitten
    Ma TK

  10. Ooh the baking looks yummy! And it sounds like you did great at Lowe's. Much better price, for sure!

  11. I agree about the cream cheese frosting.
    Where is the Christmas spirit anyway....$68 bucks for a lousy tree!
    I guess we are a couple of hum-bugs here...we aren't putting a tree up this year.
    When we did use a "real" tree, we always put it out back for the birds to nest in during the winter after we were done with it. Also made a good hiding place for those hungry hawks!

  12. Edgar and Rico: We want to live next door to you so we can luxuriat in the wonderful smells that muxt eminate from your kitchen, I am slobbering at the mouth just looking at the pictures, wow and I thought the graham crackers I dipped in chocolate this morning were going to make me feel all warm and fuzzzy, no they did not do the job as well as the pictures of your cinna-buns did.
    We went to a tree farm and cut down a tree this past saturday, we have never done this before.
    Of cours it was only a balmy 15 degrees, I have a great big booty and it almost froze off giggles and more giggles.
    Love your blog sites.
    Merry Christmas

  13. Ok, I'm picturing Rico as one of those cartoon characters who's lower jaw actually unhinges and falls to the gorund and the little cloud of dust comes up from it!
    Drooling over the buns and cakes, but I'll just dig into my chocolate covered cherries and white cranberry bark....thanks so much!!

  14. Wow that was one expensive little tree! I love the smell of the fresh trees, but it is so much easier for me to have an artificial one that is prelit. Your baked goodies look luscious. I wish I could taste them by licking the computer screen!

  15. Yum - dirt frosted with cream cheese frosting - sounds great!! I love cream cheese frosting on anything so right you are!

    It's been awhile since we had a "real" tree - I am allergic and have issues when decorating and living with it. I sure miss it, but I don't miss the $$ spent each year.

    I agree too - red, not blue,not purple, not pink. An occassial white pointsettia is okay.