Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Movie Post

GR&DF thanks for once again stopping by for a visit. I think that Roberta's comment for yesterdays post was spot on - I'll just try the buttons that came with the charts - In my feeble little brain I just thought if I changed the linen I would have to change the buttons. From 32 to 36 ct is not that great a leap one would think for button size. I'll try them and see.

I haven't talked flickers in a while so I thought it would be nice to mention some of the better ones I've seen lately.

Starting off with "The Killers" - 1946 - starring Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner and Edmund O'Brien. This film adapted from a Hemingway short story is told in flash back with an Insurance Investigator piecing together the life of the Swede - who we see murdered in the first few minuets of the film. It is a story of murder, treachery and greed that all leads to beautiful and mysterious Kitty Collins. This was a super break out film for both Lancaster and Gardner - a great Noir piece worth a look.

Here's another Noir film that's worth a mention - "The Narrow Margin" - 1952 - starring Charles McGraw and Marie Windsor. A really nice B production of a dead mobsters wife going undercover to testify against his gang. She needs to get to Los Angeles without being killed by the gang. Most of the film takes place on the train ride getting to Los Angeles. Made on a budget the suspense and giant twists in the story keep you wanting more. There is the obligatory "uber Brat" little boy, but aside from that it is a quick paced and well told good guy bad guy type film.

Wrapping up the films today I wanted to mention a series from the TV - "Pillars of the Earth" - 2010 - an 8 part mini series based on the book of the same title by Ken Follett. I have loved this book for many years and have read it quite a few time so when I heard there was to be a mini series I sort of cringed at the thought. Most adaptations fall so far short of the original material that they are sometimes impossible to watch. With this production I felt quite differently. Yes, there was changes to the story, yes, there was lots of telescoping of the the time line, but the overall piece was really top notch and very watchable. It stars Ian McShane, Matthew Macfadyen and Donald Sutherland. You cant help but get swept up in the politics, war, rebellion and over all power struggles of the characters. The struggle for the throne of England, the Archbishopric of Canterbury the seat of the Earls of Shiring, being Prior of the Abby at Kingsbridge or the lead stone masons position..... it seems that everyone was scrabbling for something. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing, and would recommend it highly. If you watch this piece and have read the book, let go of the book details and get caught up in the film and the story it is telling.

There you go sports fans - thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Edgar: The Killers is such a great film wasnt Ava positivly georgous in this film, I love old movies, no fowl language and lots of twists and turns.
    Excellant choice of Film.
    Merry Christmas

  2. We watched Pillars of the Earth when it was on and loved it too!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations. I've been wondering how the movie series for Pillars of the Earth was. Good to know. I'll have to try to watch it sometime. I loved the books!

  4. We enjoyed the "Pillars of the Earth" series too. Phenominal acting!

  5. I love your movie posts ... they remind me of running home from school [lived in Brooklyn - we walked to school - through huge snow drifts, torrential rains, scorching heat, of course]in the 50s and early 60s ... to cuddle up on the sofa with Mom and my siblings to watch The Early Show which featured all the great movies from the 30s and 40s. It was the one break in her day: after she had done all the housework, chores and errands and started supper ... she took this breather in her day ... then it was back to serving supper and getting five kids through the homework/bedtime routines. It made me a movie buff. And you have nudged me into adding some variety into my NetFlix list.

  6. Thanks for the recommendation; I am just finishing a re-read of Pillars and have avoided the movie because I was afraid they would wreck it... now will have a look!

  7. Thanks for the movie reviews, will have to check out the Pillars of the Earth, though I haven't been looking at the TV lately.

    Would like to see how the buttons work or not with the piece you are stitching.

    Enjoy the season!!