Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Picturesque Wednesday....

GR&DF - Happy Thursday!!! Only one more day until the weekend. I think we all deserve a pat on the back for making it to the end of the week - almost there. Yesterday was a very snappy day for me and my camera. I wanted to start off with a mistake I made in yesterdays post - the silk is not HDK by HDF - Hand Dyed Fibers - by Vicki Clayton - I think I read and reread a post before posting and there are still mistakes. Last night I started to pull together the silks for my next biggish project and it will be a mix of silks I think. Because so far I have a few HDF's and a few Soie d'alger's. I am also thinking I will shift some of the colours to Belle Soie (Miss Sharon is releasing 3 lovely new BS colours at Market - must have them!!). I worked some more on the outline of the next square on Shores - no snap.

I did make it to the Farmers Market yesterday and have some snaps of my little visit....

A pile of beautiful peppers

I love marigolds and thought this picture with the purple flowers was nice.

These gigantic piles of mild bell peppers reminded me that there are only 93 more days until Christmas - it is certainly sneaking up on me this year!!

I am thinking these are some of the last watermelons of the season.

Another lovely mix of late summer and fall vegetables.

We love a potato at my house - and the fingerling's and purple Peruvians are great roasted in the oven with a little olive oil and salt.

On the way home I got a hankering for a cup-cake so we stopped off in the Mission. We had to park a block or so away from where we normally do and this little "Delicatessen" sign I thought was very clever.

Outside of the Mexica-tessen they have a couple of tables on the sidewalk - I like that about San Francisco, there are usually tables and chairs all over and near little cafes to sit and enjoy the world passing by - The great mural is just more of the out door art that decorates our city.

Once again I needed to take a snap of the little cakes.....

There was a tray of my favorite cup-cakes - this is the first time I have ever seen signage, but with or without a sign a pineapple filled, frosted goody is always welcomed!!

Here is a tray of some wonderful pan de huevo - egg bread - this is the yellow topped kind, which is vanilla flavoured sugar on top. This bread also comes white topped, and chocolate topped.


I so enjoy this neighborhood of stitching - the Blogs and friends I have come to know over the years have been both kind and generous. These kindnesses that have been done to and for me I try and pass on to others - so when I am asked about something I might have in my stash or something I am stitching, if I can I lend, trade or pass on these things. I think of it as my way of giving back to the greater whole that is our community. I was approached by another stitcher, Vera, about my "Ellen Birdseye" chart that I stitched a while back - knowing how hard this OOP chart is to locate it was my pleasure to loan it to her to stitch. Yesterday I got back my chart and some unexpected treats. Here is a snap -

Along with returning my chart Vera sent me a darling Fall pin cushion with our initials and a great wooden Spurtle. Knowing how I love wooden kitchen utensils this was a new one to me. It is of Scottish origins and dates back to the 15th century. Used primarily for the stirring of porridge's and soups. How super is this!! I am bowled over by the unexpected kindness - thank you so very much!!

I will leave you with one extra snaperoo - I did a couple of loads of laundry last night while watching "The Choir" on BBC America. (how great is this show!!) - and if you remember that Lolly likes warm clothes from the dryer. I brought the clean tub of clothes into the house, put it down for a second and turned back to start folding and found this looking back at me....

How cute is that!! I had to get this stuff folded and put away so I picked her up and pulled a totally hot sweatshirt from the bottom of the tub and wrapped her up like a burrito - she was very happy until it cooled off - at which point she crawled out looking for another warm sweat shirt to roll up in. By that time everything was folded and put up.

There you go sports fans another Wednesday done and gone. Thank you all so very much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!!

Take care,


  1. What great gifts she sent back to you with the chart! And your dog and the laundry is too cute! It is the same situation here in my home. We have a mini daschund and she loves to lay on warm clothes.

  2. Wonderful color-therapy post! :)

    Lolly looks so sweet; "I'm finally warm--PLEASE don't make me move!".

  3. What a great post!!! I think Lolly needs heating pad for a Christmas gift! She would be in heaven!

  4. That pinkeep is so cute.. You are lucky. I love the pictures. I really like the cupcakes!!! :)
    Keep that baby warm.. She may need a sweater.. Just keep putting it in the dryer... LOL

  5. Awwww, Lolly looks so comfy! That pinkeep is great and such neat gifts!

  6. Hi Edgar,
    I'm with Lolly...anything toasty from the dryer is a comfort! Love the pics of the market and bakery..I'd be a "regular" if I lived there :) Stitching friends are the BEST...simple kindness means so much!

  7. I love all the pictures! I would love to visit your farmer's market and that yummy bakery! As for Lolly -- so cute! My kitten loves to get into the laundry when I fold it up, but I think it's just for the cushy softness as opposed to the warmth. I often don't get around to bringing the laundry up till it's not warm anymore. lol!

  8. Well, that sure was a treat!! Love the dog, ,love the market pics and your eye for colour( thanks for sharing it, it was like a little mini trip to the market) and I especially liked(me being Scottish and all and owning my ane wee spurtle - and insisting porridge only be stirred with it)that you got a spurtle...but will you stir "your" porridge with it? What a geat first visit...I will be back!

  9. Edgar, I have been a lurker on your blog for some time now. I don't know why I haven't commented until now, but...
    I just love all your colorful picks of your adventures out on the town. I really enjoy your yummy dessert pictures. Desserts are my weakness. I do love to bake too, although with two kids under 2 it is hard to get anything accomplished, let alone any stitching. That brings me to my next compliment. Your wonderful samplers are to die for. Thank you for a wonderful blog that I enjoy reading, and I promise that I will write again. I am from all the way over here in Maine. My sister in law used to live in San Fran and she loved it. My husband has been there also and he has nothing but great things to say about it.

  10. What a chock-full of wonderful things post!!! Your photo's never dsappoint - you have a gift for seeing the beauty in the small thing. We're all blessed that you share your life so willingly with you. That exchange is Karma in action!! How sweet you each were to each other! This is such a good example of the wonderful benefits of blogging and stitching. Bless that lil Miss Lolly! I live in Florida and it gets HOT, but even on the hottest day, there's nothing that feels quite as good as clean, warm laundry!! :)

  11. Oh duh..I meant that we're blessed that you share your life with US, not wth you! I mean, you're already sharing your life with you, right??? Yup, I'm a blonde - spooky, isn't it?? :)

  12. Lolly is a cutie :). My dogs try to eat the laundry basket LOL

  13. Oh Edgar, you devil you! First the good for you foods with beautiful pictures and then the to-die for shots of those "bad" for you desserts. Thanks for both!

    Have to tell you that the Buckeye Brownies recipe was a HUGE hit at work today. I had to pay back a food favor and this recipe sounded just like the perfect treat. It was THE BOMB!!!!!!!!! Of course, peanut butter and chocolate, a complete taste treat. Keep up the tempting treat photo's and recipes. My hips thank you to. :)

    Living across the country, in Indiana, it is fun to view pictures of your area of the country.

    Your stitching is just fabulous and it is quite a pleasure to see the progress. Keep up the good work.

    Your friend

  14. Those bakery goodies make my mouth water! What a nice thank you for the chart loan. And last but not least, nothing like a sweet puppy snuggling into the warm laundry.

  15. Ohh, forgot to mention re your comments on the choir (it was really spooky that I have found you/this blog with so many commnon themes, spurtle, choir, market produce, colour theory - I am in that class right now - or wishful thinking ie.: common)...The choir is amazing and we keep thinking how does Gareth do this...South Oxy WOW- check out Gareth Malone's facebook (11000+ comments).

  16. LOVE your blog - so filled with interesting photos and good stories - thank you for sharing bits of your life with us!

  17. How cool - nice to have a nice gesture retured in kind!

    So I know how your sweet puppy feels - when I had my son (many years ago), they encased me with warmed towels after he was born. I am normally way too warm all the time, but that particular time it was a very welcome thing...didn't think of it then, but I did feel like a burrito.