Thursday, September 30, 2010

Market Shots and PIF Participants

GR&DF the weather finally broke yesterday and it was like the air-conditioning had been turned back on. We are so blessed to live in this perpetually cool city. I shouldn't complain about a couple of days here and there of heat - I know there are places that are still in triple digit heat. In the comments yesterday Maggie O mentioned a really great movie - " Mr Blandings Builds His dream House" - 1948 - a post war film if there ever was one!! Starring Cary Grant, Myrna Loy and Melvin Douglas. This super film has the NYC living Blandings moving to the quiet of the country to build a house - easier said than done. I can not recommend this film highly enough - great performances and a super story!! great choice Maggie!! Here is one of my favorite Myrna Loy scenes from the film....

Yesterday was my mid week Farmers Market visit - and the bounty was everywhere with Fall harvest pouring in for sale. Of course I got a few snaps.....

I usually don't see green tomatoes - but I was in luck and found this box full of them - I picked up some for delicious fried green tomatoes - yummy!!

These beautiful grapes are from the Valley - juicy and sweet!!

This mushroom stand always has some great variates. Along with my green tomatoes, I picked up some mushrooms, heirloom tomato, red grapes, plums and onions. It was a nice day at the market.

I had 9 wonderful stitchers want to take part in my PIF - and I would love to include them all, but I know that would be a a bite I would not be able to chew...... so I had a mini drawing to narrow the field down to 3. My PIF participants whom I will create each a piece to receive and who will set up their own PIF on their blogs are..... Deborah - over at "Cranberry Samplings" - Kielrain - over at "Kielrain's Stitches" - and, Maggie - over at "Stitching Devotee." I will get out follow up emails this morning - thank you all for wanting to participate. I really enjoy PIF's. These three ladies will be setting up PIF's so that opens up 9 more places to get involved.

I think that about wraps it up for today. A reminder for HOE and HOE II members - today is the last day to sign up for the Fall Exchange, partners will be assigned tomorrow. Also we are coming up on my Birthday Hobbit Gift-a-way Drawing - to throw your name into the BOD for this drawing you will need to post a comment on this POST only.

Thanks again for stopping by, do come again!!
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  1. How were those fried green tomatoes? Yummy, I can just imagine! Your pics are beautiful as always. I am off to look for the movie and stick it in the netflix que..thanks :)
    Hugs, Kitten
    Ma TK

  2. I am so envious of your terrific farmer's market. Everything always looks so delicious. Mr Blandings is one of my all time facorites!'s pouring here and my meeting got cancelled soooo....stitching and a movie? Nancy in NY

  3. Mr. Blandings.... One of my most favorite movies EVER!!

    I wish I could find green tomatoes here :) I love your farmers' market pics.

  4. I always love to see your market pictures - all those grapes look rather delicious this time!

  5. Ohhh Edgar, that was wonderful and the exact piece of the film I was told to watch for my class, how did you know? We did a colour theory class last night and talked about the colour wheel and then the avocado's greens, pea greens etc....what Mrs Blanding was talking about. It was better than I expected. Thanks for that and I will watch the whole thing this weekend- hope it rains!

  6. Beautiful market shots Edgar! Wish we had something like that here.

  7. Happy Birthday just a little early, Edgar! HOpe it is a great one!!

  8. Mr. Blandings is a great movie! I watched it on TCM and then had to rent it again through Netflix, LOL!

  9. Oh my gosh, that scene was HIlarious!!! LOLOL!!! I may have done that to my husband a time or two... :)

    Always love love love your pics of the market goods.

    Hope you've had a great week!