Monday, June 10, 2024

Let's Stick to the 1840's

 Gentle Friends, I finished up Miss Sarah Barker 1840 here's an old snaperooo of how she looks...

"Sarah Barker 1840"  from Needlework Press
4/1 - 6/7/24
37ct Cloudburst by Sotema Linen
My Overdyed Floss Conversion:

CC Thunderclouds -to – GA Toasted Barley

GA Moss – to – GA Deep Forest

GA Terra Cotta – to – CC Little Brown House

GA Baked Clay – to – CC Wild Berries

CC Camouflage – to – GA Dried Thyme

CC Perfect Piecrust – to – GA Melon Patch

CC Blackbird – to – CC Black Coffee

CC Queen Bee – to – No Change

CC Eggshell – to – GA Adobe

Although I hit some bumps along the way with a missing section of the chart and a couple of miscounts with the inevitable frogging... I really enjoyed this stitch - and - it felt very Hallowe'en with the pale orange, sagey-green, gold, and black.  Stitching a piece that is a bit wonky and doesn't line up evenly on each side was also fun.

My new stitch will be a piece I found in the old stash pile, Ann Kirby 1845.   I've made the smallest of starts, and here's a snap...
"Ann Kirby 1845" - Needlework Press
40ct Hogbristle from Fox and Rabbit
Called for Silks

That's about it for today's sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again.  Stay Safe!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Looks great, love the colors. Just a little question - on the right side, under the 3 flowers on the top, is the center of the 3 leaves suppose to be filled in as it is on the left side?

    1. Thanks so much for pointing out the missing fill... I think it's a flower bud, but its only 8 stitches and I missed them. :) I'll go back and get them stitched in...

  2. Your Sarah Barker is beautiful and you did a wonderful job on the missing section. Very very pretty!

  3. Tres gorgeous. Love the fall vibe. ~Robin~

  4. Well done on your Sarah finish, Edgar! She is stunning. You are off to a good start on the new sampler.

  5. Congrats on another wonderful sampler finish. I love that border. Not Halloween to me, but local craft shop is full of pumpkins and it's not even 4th of July!!