Monday, July 4, 2022

A Little Finish and a Little Start

Gentle Friends, I finished up M. Quertier, and here's a snaperoo...

"M. Quertier 1799" from Scarlet Letter - my interpretation
36ct Hot Mess from WDW
Gloriana "Seaweed" and Silk N' Colors "Tapestry Green"
Spot Stitched using Gloriana "Dried Pink Roses" and "Elizabethan Green"

... I've been puzzling over the open wreath and what to stitch there but have yet to settle on anything...

My next stitching project is something I acquired as an Exclusive Kit from a 
Facebook Sampler Group I belong to...

"Mary Ann Aldred Sampler" from Needle Work Press

The kit came with a piece of linen - Vintage Country Mocha 40ct - I just did not like this piece of linen, I tried to stitch on it and it's so stiff and unyielding that I just frogged the bit I had done, folded it back up, and dug out a piece I do like - LL Vintage Pear 40ct and now I'm happy as a clam.   I am using the floss that came in the kit all Classic Colorworks.  I am loving this piece as it has a super de duper border - and I am a sucker for a great border!!!

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again.  Stay Safe!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good deeds!


  1. What a gorgeous piece, Edgar. I like the open wreath, the flowers are so delicate and with it being open they are showcased. Eager to follow along on your new start. Happy Independence Day to you and Rico!

  2. Beautiful finish Edgar.... I had to laugh about your linen debate. I happen to really, really, like Vintage Country Mocha... then I read what you substituted and I gulped....I have been searching for that linen for a bit now. I take it was something you had in your stash for a while?? Happy Independence Day....rainy and dreary here. ~Robin~

  3. I too love a great border. Your finish is wonderful. No ideas here as to the open wreath. I hope you enjoyed the holiday. Have a great week!


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