Friday, March 13, 2020

A Little Brunchin' and a Little Side Note About the Blog....

Gentle Friends, last Sunday after Mass we headed out to Brunch with some friends.  They had made a reservation at a new to us place here in the City but not really in the City.... but the Presidio......for more info about the Presidio click HERE.....

... the restaurant in the old Social Club...Bldg 563

In the lobby is an old drum set purported to be 75+ years old...

...the inside was empty as we were first in for eats.... and we headed to the outside...

... even overcast and the temps hovering in the low 60's outside was fabulous... they had the heaters going and the central fire pit thing blazing, it was quite cozy ... and we had sweet Rocket, the dog with us and he likes the outside...

... we started off with a round of libations and I had a really super Pimms cup!!  I love a drink with a "salad," which makes one feel so like your having something healthy!!

.. Rico started off with a delicious cheddar-bacon biscuit and maple butter... this was the bomb and I could have gobbled this sucker up and then another without hesitation, but restrained and only had a quarter piece.... but when we go back I'll one all to myself!!

Mindy only ordered starters and had a gruyere cheese toast with tomato fondue to dip them in...

... some deviled eggs ... and...

... the ahi tuna poke!!  

You know my fondness for anything covered in hollandaise sauce so I had to order the Benedict... they serve it here on a toasted buttermilk biscuit and we had the choice of either smoked ham or salmon... I chose salmon and Tom had the was delicious!! and came with a REAL salad!!  Who knew that was coming!!

Rico had the Mission-style Chilaquiles and he said they were super.  I always get chilaquiles when we go to the Red Cafe in the Mission so I did wonder about the version they would serve.  Traditionally chilaquiles are just fried tortilla and scrambled eggs sometimes with scallions and peppers... but here they add chorizo and cotija cheese which really made this an over the top version.

It was a really fun morning and great to find a fun new place to go and get eats!!

I did want to let you all know that our office has gone to a "work at home" situation.  Today is my last day to do my hour commute taking two trains to get to Berkeley.  Starting Monday and for the next two weeks at least I'll just slip into my ever-stylish sweat pants and t-shirt, amble downstairs and work from the dining room table.  So we'll see how that goes and what the effect it will have on my posting... but as ever... stiff upper lip and we'll carry on!!

That about wraps up this week dear hearts, thanks again for stopping by do stop again!!  
Until we meet again I'll leave you with...

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!  



  1. That food looks wonderful. Enjoy your time at home. x

  2. All of that food looked delicious! Hope the working from home goes well.

  3. You should have added Good Foods to your closing! Looks wonderful. Enjoy those home pants.

  4. What a fantastic place to have brunch. I am with you , I love any kind of Benedict. A restaurant up here makes one with Dungeness Crab. Very yummy. Good luck working from home. Just today the governor closed every school in Washington till late April. I believe it is 6 weeks! Hoping for the best for you and Rico.

  5. Take care and stay healthy. Perhaps a bit more stitching time?!

  6. Cannot imagine not seeing the progress on your sampler...but I know
    you will update eventually. In the meantime, take care of each other
    and enjoy the relaxed tempo of working at home...Those sweats look great.....The brunch menu looked delicious...

  7. What fabulous edibles you had, Edgar! Hope the work from home allows you a bit of extra stitching time since you don't have to deal with a commute for 2 weeks! Take care!


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