Monday, December 16, 2019

A Few Christmas Things

Gentle Friends, Christmas is in full swing in our life here by the Bay.  The week started off with the arrival of our Christmas cards... I love sending out cards every year and once again I had a friend snap a photo at Thanksgiving that I turned into our card.... here's what it looks like this year...

... and then later on in the week was our company Christmas Lunch.  This year we came back to the City and headed down to the Embarcadero...

... to The Slanted Door....  it was a really tasty lunch... they serve things "family style" so you get to taste or leave alone things ordered... 


here's a snaparoo of my lunch...

... there was bok choy, gulf shrimp, and some really delicious beef covered in what was probably some of the best mushrooms I've ever had!!!  For dessert there was...

 and then with the espresso came three of these to the table...

... some flavoured cotton candy.... a little odd but did that stop anyone.... nope!!

... the views were of a very smooth bay looking towards Treasure island...  I think the only real drawback was the noise level was out of control.  Just really too loud for any kind of conversation or just basic talking to your dinner partner. 

Then the week wrapped up with our going out into a rainy evening to see...

... we took an Uber to the Theater and the traffic was backed up all over downtown... crazy drivers and rain are not a good mix!!

... ACT (American Conservatory Theater) has been doing ACC for years at the lovely old Geary Theater.  The theatre dates to 1910 and is a real gem of neoclassical revival.  It is a smaller space and feels really intimate.  The play was fun and they did a super job interpreting the story!!

There you go sports fans an update on my little life, not much stitching to speak of, but with the Season a week shorter than usual, I'm staying busy with other things!!  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Dearest Edgar: I love your Christmas Card photo.
    The restaurant looks like my kind of food, especially with mushrooms, yum.
    I love A Christmas carol, one of my favorite movies.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Edgar, I love your posts and that Christmas card photo is just perfect! May your holidays be filled with peace, love and joy!

  3. It does look like Christmas is in full swing. The theater where you saw A Christmas Carol was so lovely! The card is a super photo of you both and the cute dogs!

  4. Merry Christmas to you both, and a smooch for the pups!

  5. Going to the theatre is one of my favourite things to do, it is a rarity so such a treat for me. A Christmas carol would be lovely to help with feeling Christmassy. Great photo of you both for your card. x

  6. What a lovely evening. I am put off by overly noisy restaurant environments....but other than that it looks delightful..
    Merry Christmas to you, Rico and the who hounds.

  7. Merry Christmas ! That is a great Christmas card.