Friday, March 22, 2019

A Little Thrifting

Gentle Friends, although we're out and about every weekend there's not been too many things that I wanted to bring home from our travels.... so I've collected up some of the stuff I did bring home for a little post ... here's a snap...

... from L to R... I picked up the French hard paste mid-19th-century floral saucer at a Salvation Army... I knew it would fit and work with the cup I had picked up last year... and it did as you can see... The Roseville "Laurel" vase is in perfect condition and was totally mismarked and I got it for a super price!!... the small Edward VIII Coronation cup I just picked up on Saturday, I collect Royal memorabilia and even though he abdicated, I had never added an Edward VIII piece so this fit the bill... the plate is French and from a series called  "The Nations" made in the 1870's this one is Germany... the gilt and violets bowl was another super find.  The mark on the back  I knew was an early Derby mark from about 1800 so I snapped this up for a $1... the sterling butter spreaders I really didn't need but again a good price gets me every time and the tiny little Wedgwood piece was just too cute to pass up!!~  

So, there you go sports fans, thanks again for stopping by do stop again!!  Have a super weekend!!

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds!


  1. Love the coronation mug - a great find!

  2. You are an expert! I would have passed the vase!Wouldn't know it is something special. AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Dearest Edgar: You have some lovely items, I am loving the butter knives, we actually use our butter knives even without company.
    Beautiful china.
    The Roseville Vase is an amazing find.


  4. You always manage to find some wonderful things!