Monday, December 10, 2018

A Really Busy Weekend

Gentle Friends, we had a really full weekend, but let me start off with a snap of the Scandinavian Christmas Sampler Sampler that I've not really worked on for a few days...

 ... over the past week I've gotten the big tree done, but it's sort of stalled there for the moment...

Friday evening started off the weekend with a Holiday Soul Concert at Davies Symphony Hall...

 ... starring Vanessa Williams.  When the Holiday schedule came out over the Summer I immediately bought us tickets, I am a big Vanessa fan!!

 ... the Hall is decorated with huge Christmas Trees and I took this snap looking out towards City Hall...

 ... along with Vanessa performing was the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir...

 .... this is a pretty craptastic snap of Vanessa, the spot lights were just too hot for my little camera.... the evening was full of Christmas music, spirituals and some old favorites... including one of my all time favorites...


Saturday evening we attended a wonderful celebration , a Quinceanera of a dear friends daughter...

... we got there early and I got this shot of the ball room all decorated...

... and here's Nora all dressed as a princess, her mom, Gloria and just behind, her dad Jose sort of blocked and her brother... 

,... and I got this snap of the proud father, Jose with Rico, Lana, Prisma and Lana's son was a lovely evening!!

Then last night we wrapped up the weekend with deep tissue massages!!  It was a great weekend and there's another one coming up in a few days full of a bunch of fun stuff!!!  We are sure busy this Christmas Season!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Ah, quinceaneras, I've been to a few. Always beautiful and special. It's a nice tradition. Looks like you two had some fun. Your sampler is looking gorgeous. I would have to rest after stitching that tree! Have a good week!

  2. Your Scandinavian Christmas Sampler is beautiful. I love the color floss you're using. Your weekend sounds fantastic as well.

  3. It looks like you are having a wonderful Christmas season. That design you are stitching is beautiful!! I love all the red!!

  4. You have had a wonderful weekend. I have had to look up quinceaneras as it it not something I ham familiar with. x

  5. Your sampler is looking super. What a wonderful weekend you had!

  6. Scandinavian sampler is coming up beautifully!! Inspired by your progress, I am looking for some good design on pinterest and have saved a few too
    Wow, what a beautiful hall that is and lovely tree. Enjoy all the christmas fun

  7. I really, really, love your sampler. That floss is fantastic. You do know how to put the magic in Christmas, Edgar! Continue to enjoy the season.

    Sandra in Texas

  8. What a fun weekend. Your Scandinavian sampler is beautiful!