Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Little Framing

Gentle Friends, a while back I took a few pieces in to get framed and over the weekend I picked up two of them...

... the first piece is this small etching I found in a consignment shop. It's by the California artist Jeanette Maxfield Lewis (1894-1982) and probably dates to the mid-1930's.  She was born in Oakland, went to art schools here in the Bay area and NYC, married and lived in Fresno and had a home in Pebble Beach.  She is known for California scenes from all over the state.  With all that said, I bought it just because I liked it, I like landscapes and farm scenes and this little piece ( it's only about 3 1/2 x 2 1/2) just appealed to me on every level.  It was only after I got it home and did some research that I found all the info about the artist.  I am sure this image is a scene from San Joaquin Valley around Fresno were she lived. 

This second piece is something I stitched a while back and originally thought I would frame it myself in an antique frame.  That didn't work out since I couldn't find the old frame and just went with getting it framed in an "antique" style frame.  It's hard to see but that is a small worn gold stripe that kind of adds to the "age" of the piece.  The chart is from Beth Twist over at Heartstring Samplery, "Baby it's Cold Outside."  As I get the other pieces back from the framers I'll post them ...

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar, both are stunning. I love how you had the little etched piece framed and I really like the look of the frame molding for the Beth Twist piece. Well done!

  2. Both of them are very nicely done. I can see the gold stripe on the frame....does add to the "age". So glad you posted these. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. The photograph is a treasure! I've just started purchasing photos at art shows, craft shows, Goodwill, wherever. I'm partial to black/white photos and feel like I've struck gold when there's a local connection. Love the frame on Baby it's cold!

  4. Both beautifully framed Edgar. How interesting to have been able to find out about the artist of that sweet etching. I really like that you went for a large mount, it really draws the eye towards the etching. Your stitched piece looks perfect in the antique style frame.

  5. Very nice. I love the moment that the framer shows me my stitching all done and looking beautiful. I do love the simplicity of the Christmas design, i don't do 'cute' and so many Christmas designs fall into the cute range. x

  6. Both look wonderful!! The frame of the stitched piece really has a nice "old" look to it.

  7. Baby It's Cold Outside is gorgeous!