Friday, June 8, 2018

My Mom's Birthday

Gentle would have been my Mom's 92nd Birthday...another snap from my album...

... this picture was also taken by my Dad and would have been in the Fall of 1963, in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Again what's up with my hair now...and truth be told my lack of hair then was a foreshadowing of the future since I've got about as much today as I did then.  I guess what goes around comes around!!

I think this wraps up the Birthdays for a few months.  I'll be away from the Blog for a few days visiting North, but I'll be back!!  Have a great weekend!!

Take care,


  1. Another great family photo!
    Enjoy your time away...

  2. A nice tribute to your mom. I always think of my mom on her birthday in August.

  3. Dearest Edgar: Your Mother was beautiful, I see where you get your good looks.
    You are positively adorable in this photo.