Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Little Trip

Gentle Friends, I was away for a bit to visit my family up in Vancouver...  I went for my niece's Graduation from High School...  Saturday evening we headed out for a get together of family and friends for pizza and fun ... sister had some really fun cupcakes made ... in Columbia River HS colors of purple and gold...

... I headed to the bar and got a beer to go with my pizza!!


... Sunday was the Baccalaureate which was held at the High School...

 .... students marching in ...

We headed out to dinner Sunday evening to a fun Mexican restaurant...

... The Margarita Factory is one of two Mexican places owned by the same guy and I am sure that the other location is just as good and totally as fun as this one in Hazel Dell!  If you're in the Vancouver area I would really recommend this place!! 

... when we sat down I ordered a "Trashcan" to drink not knowing that it came with an energy drink... the description was not as clear as it could have been... basically, it's a Long Island Ice tea with blue Curacao and then tipped into it is an energy drink... interesting taste.....

... for dinner my sister had a bowl of Taco Soup that looked really delicious!!

 ... and I ordered a Seafood Chimichanga... which comes with a great creamy wine/mushroom sauce... not too sure how Mexican it is but it was really tasty!!

 .... we hit "Killer Burger" for lunch, this is another local chain in the Portland area and one in Scottsdale AZ

 ... I got a "Meathead" and it was a super burger!!  All the burgers come with bacon and fries!!

.... my Niece and I went to downtown Vancouver to "Simply Sweets" for some cupcakes...

 .... this is a great bakery and such really delicious looking treats!!!

 .... I loved this cake on display.....  what fun!!!!

 ... and here are the cupcakes we brought home... two each starting from the top left, red velvet, Chocolate, S/Mores, Strawberry Vanilla, Key Lime and Vanilla!!

 ... then Wednesday evening the big event... it was held at the County Fair Grounds in the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater.  Columbia High School's graduation was the last of four held that day...

 ... as the sun set the speeches were read the band played and the graduates marched across the stage... it was a lovely evening and so worth the trip!!

.... and here are the proud parents with my sweet niece all graduated and ready for her next step in and my schooling!!

There you go sports fans that about wraps up my quick trip north and a fun family visit!! 
Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Beautiful! And the food looks delicious! Congrats to your niece!


  2. Dearest Edgar: Congratulations to your Niece and her Parents.
    The food looks wonderful and yummy.
    I am so happy you were able to go to her Graduation it is a great honor to graduate now a days.


  3. Your niece is so pretty! Congratulations to her (not necessarily for being pretty, for her graduation)! lol Isn't it funny how we write something then go back to read it and think "well that could be taken two or three different ways". Your sister's cupcakes look prettier than the ones from the bakery. And will your niece receive a diploma from you? Although I'm not a burger person, lunch looked great. That drink! The glass couldn't be more perfect but yeah.....

  4. Very sweet. I go to my nephew's graduation tonight. After 36 years I return to "the scene of the crime". Hope none of the
    "Mean Girls" are still hanging around....

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate a lovely young lady!!

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate a trip and capture those moments.
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  7. Congratulations to your niece, what a proud moment! Love the sweet treats.. yumm :)