Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Little Baking

Gentle Friends, over the weekend I got to looking around the kitchen to see what I could bake and then hit the old internet and came away with a recipe for a cake.... once again it came from Stacey's Blog Southern Bite......  Brown Sugar Pound got to bakin'

... I wanted to use up some of last years pecans I still have on hand - and of course, I made some "edgar tweaks" to the final product...  instead of using vanilla I doubled up and threw in 4 teaspoons of bourbon... and I eventually went with a vanilla/bourbon flavored glaze....

... it is a nice dense tasty cake that I am sure I'll make again!!

There you go sports fans, it's the middle of the week and a bit warm here by the bay.... but it should be cooling off by the weekend.  Thanks, for stopping by dos top again!!

Take care,


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