Monday, February 8, 2016

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle Friends, I've finished up the second row on "Santa's Village" and now it's on to the last row.....

...  the main change I made with "Candy Cane Cottage" was to use a darker green on the outside wall.  I had to because my CC "Poblano Pepper" Green for the door wall, was not as light as the one that must have been used when the piece was being designed - in fact it was basically the same shade of "avocado green" as the called for outside wall DMC.  

As I pulled the floss for the next house "Santa's Sleighworks," I've decided I'm going to make some major shifts in colour so that it will be a bit more visually interesting... more about that as I move forward....

 Friday evening we had more fireworks...

...celebrating  the Super Bowl Weekend festivities which seemed to never end, thank goodness they were concentrated downtown and were easily avoided!!  There were also some fireworks Saturday evening - the who hounds were just beside themselves with all the loud noises two nights in a row!! That's about it for today sports fans...

Take care,


  1. Santa's Village is looking good! The snow looks good on your linen.

  2. We had fireworks last night too, which makes no sense at all when you realize the Superbowl wasn't in my backyard nor was the local team in it! Poor dogs. Stella was freaked out too, but we turned on the classical music to distract her. Your Santa's Village is coming along beautifully!

  3. Santa's Village is looking great. Your floss changes always look very good. You have a good eye for the colors.

  4. Santa's Village looks fantastic! I thought of you as we were watching the Super Bowl and wondered if the stadium is located anywhere near you. The Super Bowl was here last year, but the festivities were far away from us and the only thing we saw at our house was the AF jets flying to the stadium and back again.

  5. Santa's Village is progressing beautifully. I just love all of the collectibles you've found at estate sales and yard sales. You have a good eye for treasure.

  6. Santas Village is a wonderful project! I bet you are glad the Superbowl is finally over. I can imagine all the activities going on in SF!

  7. It's looking good my friend. I can only imagine what a mad house it was everywhere that weekend. In Palo Auto where we use to live friends tell me it was insanely busy everywhere. Lots of celebs car into Flemings Steakhouse they all got a kick out of that.
    Have a terrific day

  8. Santa's village is looking great! Hooray for 2 rows! Are you sure the fireworks were for the Super Bowl? In NYC, I think there were fireworks for Chinese New Year. :D Well, I suppose it might have been the Super Bowl....


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