Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Visiting Market Street

Gentle Friends, so sorry about the erratic Posts lately, but I tried to pre-schedule some of the pictures for Posts, before writing anything....  kinda dumb, but in my mind it seemed like a plan.  I thought I had put dates on the Posts further into the future so I could go back and write about the pictures - because what is a picture without and explanation..... but they popped up early so I deleted those Posts......... and here we are now........

I took Wednesday off before Thanksgiving, to run errands and just take a break before the long Holiday weekend - because I knew the long weekend was not going to be much of a break. 
One thing I wanted to do was to head downtown and stop at Lupicia.....


.... my Christmas tea place - I had gotten a call from them that the Holiday teas were in ...... and so Rico and I made a fun day out of it - starting off with breakfast a Red Cafe down in the Mission and then it was off to the mall - Westfield San Francisco Center....  they had decorated for the Holidays.......  but we headed for Lupicia first......

.... and they had plenty of tea for me to ogle and buy.....

... the annual Christmas bag...... 

..... probably my favorite tea they make, with hints of chocolate and spice and silver bits.... it is so Christmas it hurts!!

After Lupicia we walked around a bit and ended up under the great dome......

..... this is a tough picture to imagine but the snowflakes  are all moving and falling against the blue background it is just wonderful......  this area directly under the dome is now a fun restaurant and bar - the snow images morph and change to..... 
... a stained glass ceiling that sort of sparkles and shimmers - this really lovely space leads on to....

... and open area were Santa sits and visits with children, we were there much too early to see Santa -  he must have been off feeding his reindeer or polishing his sleigh.....

.....but his sitting area with the trees and chartreuse chair lend a very festive touch.....
 and behind this set up is.....

..... a large open decorated space, the hanging ornaments don't show as well in the picture as they do in real life, but they are really nice for large store decorations.

From the Mall we headed for the Flower Market.  It is one of the things we have done every year.  We go get flowers for the the Thanksgiving table and for around the house.......... we also get ideas for Christmas decorations.  I'll post about that tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. That looks like a gorgeous mall. Love that dome! Wow! Glad you got your Christmas teas!

  2. I want to go to that mall! I'm guessing you drink hot tea. Here in the south it's mostly iced tea for us. I don't even know anyone who drinks hot tea. I may have to try it to see what I'm missing. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Where are the pics?

  3. I am a, tea lover. What a nice shop. I never had That tea. I always enjoy your posts. Merry Christmas.

  4. Ohhh that Tea Shop looks wonderful. I miss places like that. I am off to see if they ship. I need some delish tea.

    Wishing you guys a wonderful Christmas and a restfull one also :)

  5. That mall is so beautiful ... & oh that tea! Wish I could've tagged along with you : )

  6. The tea with chocolate sounds so good and the dome is beautiful! What a fun place you get to shop and love Santa's chartruese chair! Looking forward to your photos of the flower market!

  7. That dome is beautiful and would be wonderful to watch. Santa's choice of chair colors will be festive for those snapping photos. Oh, the Flower Market--one of my favorite places for the holiday season

  8. Now that looks like a wonderful day!!! I loved all the pretty pictures. They made me want to go over to Pacific Place in Seattle!