Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 Champions!!!

Gentle Friends, the Giants did it again, they won the 2014 World Series last night.... 
and the city went crazy!!!!

... there will be a parade tomorrow.........  lots of ticket tape and about a bazillion fans..... 
......I'll be avoiding Market Street the entire day!!

Have a great one!!



  1. I saw this in the news this morning, and I actually thought of YOU and wondered if you'd be joining in any festivities!!!
    Everyone loves a winner! Congrats!

  2. lol! I would be avoiding Market Street too! Congrats to SF! I loved the tribute that was paid to Robin Williams before game 5 (I think it was).

  3. Congratulation, How appropriate too Halloween colors.

  4. I'm glad a National League team won, but I wish it would have been the Cardinals....LOL! Congrats to your Giants!! They do have some good players.


  5. Congratulations to SF on the win. It will be like Seattle after the Superbowl! We stayed close to home too. Our big celebration was on TV and fun to watch.