Monday, December 17, 2012

Eatin' Out With Friends and ATS

Gentle Readers it was a chilly wet weekend here in the City by the Bay - and for the most part I was a numb butted stitching fool!! 

We did venture out to forage for food  - and on both occasions it was to savour not only fun food but fun folks also!!

On Saturday evening we went out to dinner with our "cat" friends from upstairs.  We watch their kitties whenever they travel - an they are going away again over the Holidays for a quick visit to London.  So we had to get together and talk about that - since it is one of my most favorite cities there is!!  We went to a new place, for us at least, called Starbelly.  it was totally tasty and we had a great time.  The menus changes often - and keeping with the talk around the table I had the "Starbelly bangers and Mash"  with roasted Brussel Sprouts, finishing off the dinner with a warm toffee cake!

Then Sunday morning after Mass, we met up with Shirlee and John for breakfast, they were in town over the weekend visiting and soaking in some of the SF Christmas Spirit!!  it was a super time and we had a great time just eating and talking.  Or, at least John and I did talking movie stuff.  When I get with another film person I love talking about movies.  I think that Both sweet Shirlee and Rico were very tolerant of all the movie blather going on at the table and then spilling over onto the sidewalk.

It is always so fun to meet another Blogger -  and make that final personal connection!! 

I have been working on ATS a bit and am now into the "field of grass."  here's a snap...

As you can also see I am tempting fate by pre-dating the piece before I really finish it...  I am still going to try and get it done before the end of the year.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!

Take care,


  1. GORGEOUS! Well done! Hope you and your furry family have a great Christmas.

  2. ATS looks fabulous, and I just bet you will finish by year's end! Great job!!

  3. That's so great that you got to get together with friends for a good time and good food. Love your ATS! You're almost there! I tell you, the grass really isn't that bad. You can do it! I'll root you on. :D

  4. There doesn't seem to be very much left to do, I love it. Glad you enjoyed your visit with Shirlee and your dinner out with the neighbors. I bet you'll be getting some lovely things from London on their return.

  5. I love it!!! Just love it, and you will finish it. I've so enjoyed watching your journey stitching this beautiful piece. Hugs, my friend. :)

  6. Sounds like a fun filled weekend! I am keeping my fingers crossed for an ATS finish! Looks great!

  7. ATS is coming along beautifully. It is the greatest to meet other stitchy bloggers.

  8. wow it is coming along so lovely..i love it so much..
    love for you x

  9. Your weekend sounds awesome!
    Your WIP is just gorgeous :)
    Hugs kiddo

  10. Oh wow, your stitching is awesome. I bow my needle to you Sir, for I could never stitch a piece as fine as this. I love it. :) You will totally get this finished before the new year rings in...I have faith in you.

    Love the butt numb comment. I think we've all experienced that a time or two.

    Sending hugs to you and yours and blessings to. :)

  11. I am inspired to stitch ATS because of your great progress. I am ashamed to say I have had the pattern, fabric and thread since it came out. I know you can finish before the end of the year:) go Edgar!

  12. I can't believe you met Shirlee!! That rascal!! Just dropped by to say YOU CAN DO IT! I know you can finish by the end of the month! No doubt you will have days off... you will just whip through! Merry Christmas!

  13. You ATS is so beautiful. Glad you had a nice week-end!

  14. Your ATS is beautiful! Yes, I believe you will have it completed before Jan 1,2013! Just keep believing!

    Merry Christmas!
    Happy Stitching!


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