Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Thanksgiving Exchange

Gentle Friends thanks for all your great comments and emails!!  With the weather once again changing here in the Bay area with the rain coming back, it is great to have such warm nice things to read in the morning!!

Yesterday the mail guy, Edward, brought me a box of wonderfulness.  I knew what was in it from the return address and from this cute picture...

.... on the label, a great turkey!!  I saved the box to open taking it home so that I could really enjoy opening it up.

 The Hoe Exchange had stipulated a Pyn keep Finish with a turkey included in the design.  My partner Michelle, from over at Mostly Stitching, sent a super package!!  Here's a snap...

With the wonderful Pyn Keepe, there were some lovely Fall glass leaves, and a really cute pumpkin!!  As you can see in the top right corner a who hound hoof - I get lots of help sometimes when I am within 2 feet of the floor.  Here is a close up of the pyn keepe..

The chart is by Pririe Schooler and called "Thanksgiving Comes Again "  Book 141. I just LOVE this chart and have stitched it twice for others, but never for myself.  Now, I have this gorgeous piece to add to my Fall Basket  - with the wee corn button finishing off the top it couldn't be more perfect!!!  Thank you so much Michelle!!!!

There you go sports fans another day another post!  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!

Take care,


  1. Fab exchange...fab colours too :)

  2. Your blog is keeping me hopping with projects lately. Love the pyn keepe. It's now on my list.

  3. such lovely stitching and a very special gift..
    hugs cucki xx

  4. Now that's just too stinkin' cute! I love it. I might have to find that one for ye olde stash o'mine!

  5. Now that's just too stinkin' cute! I love it. I might have to find that one for ye olde stash o'mine!

  6. I love 'Thanksgiving Comes Again'.Everything about it is adorable.... the tiny squirrel, turkey , pumpkin and corn. I've been wanting to stitch something 'Thanksgiving'... this may be it. I will have to look it up. Always love your posts.

  7. Very cute design. You're right...the button on the top is the perfect finishing touch.

  8. What a great exchange. Just want to let you know I am a new follower. I am Kym from Deaf in the Kitchen your blog is a joy!

  9. What a darling exchange! I have a box full of Prairie Schooler charts waiting to be stitched and this is one. :0) I have seen those precious acorn bells on other blogs and am wondering if you purchased them and if you don't mind my asking- where? I am dying to buy some of them for finishes. I am off to look at "12 Days" by The Marking Samplar and thinking if I start now...when will I finish...

  10. Great exchange! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I tend to like all the PS designs, but have never stitched this one. Very pretty and lots of goodies!

  12. I found the acorn bells at Hobby Lobby. They come in 2 sizes, but not mixed sizes in the same bag. I got a dozen med size in 4 colors- lt orange, lt rust, dk moss and charcoal. I just looked at my receipt and they were on sale- reg. $3.99, sale price $1.99 per bag. There are a dozen bells in each bag- 3 of each color.


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