Friday, January 6, 2012

A San Francisco Gift-A-Way

Good Morning Blogging Buddies thank you for your kind words about my "Exchange Collection."  I am delighted that you enjoyed the snaps of them and how I have them displayed.  This morning it is a cool and damp - and we are going into an cool overcast weekend - or so the news this morning reports - we shall see tomorrow.   I think our plans are to get back into the swing of Estate Sales and Thrifting.  I really miss the search, even if I don't find anything, I do enjoy looking.

Now on to the Gift-a-Way drawing - I have been thinking the last few days how nice it was to turn over the 600 Follower Mark and I think a Gift-a-Way is just the ticket...  

Anyone from any where may enter - just be a Follower (that's the reason for the GaW) and answer these questions in your entry on this POST Only....

1. Do you Like Coffee or Tea?
2. If its coffee you like - Light, Medium or Dark roast?  - and - beans or ground?
3. If it's tea you like, would that be Loose or Bagged? - and - any particular flavour?
4. If its some Chocolate - would it be Dark or Milk? With nuts and fruits or without?
5. Do you have a Favourite Colour?
6. Do you Like Pink, Grey or White Salt?
7. Your Favorite Non-chocolate candy would be?

Easy-peasy - I am going to tweak the package to be a....
 .....very San Francisco-esque Collection of things - so don't be afraid to enter.  I will take entries from today 1/6/2012 until next Friday, 1/13/2012 at about 2:00 PM PST - and then announce the winner on Monday, 1/13/2012.  Make sure that in your entry I have a way to connect with you if you win.

I think that about wraps up the week.  Thanks for stopping by and for being such great folks!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Congrats on the blog success!

    I'm a follower and would love to be entered in the fun. Let's see:

    Black Teas either loose or bagged. Not chai though.

    Milk chocolates with nuts and/or fruits.

    Light pink is my fav color.

    Salt? Not sure about the question so, surprise me.

    Non chocolate candy favs are caramels or regular hot tamales.

  2. Wow 600!! That is great! I think I have umm...12 on my!

    Here are my answers:
    - Tea - bagged - Irish Breakfast Tea Decafe
    - Plain dark chocolate!
    - Purple!
    - White salt, although I have never had pink or grey so it would be interesting to try them!
    - Butterscotch candy!


  3. Oh boy! Aren't you a sweetie! Congratulations on 600 followers!

    I like tea...loose is preferable but bagged comes in handy when work is crazy!

    Dark chocolate with anything at all (but especially ginger!) This is an exciting question since I know Ghirardelli is in your locale. ;)

    My favorite color is blue, especially cobalt or teal.

    I haven't tried any colors of salt but I am a pretty adventurous eater so surprise me! =)

    Hmmm, non-chocolate...ginger anything or salt water taffy!

    Have a beautiful day!

  4. Wow, your 600 makes my 100 seem slim, but I'm ok with it. I'm definitely a follower.
    Coffee for me. Medium roast, ground.
    Milk Chocolate. Anyway I can get it. I do love nuts though.
    My favorite color is purple.
    Not familiar with the colored salts, so surprise me.
    I love twizzlers, any flavor.

  5. Oh boy! Aren't you a sweetie?! Congratulations on 600!

    I like loose tea, although bagged does come in handy for a hectic day at work!

    Dark chocolate with anything (but especially ginger...this is an exciting question since I know Ghirardelli is in your locale ;)

    My favorite color is blue, especially cobalt or teal.

    I don't know about different colors of salt but I am a pretty adventurous eater so surprise me!

    Hmmm, non-chocolate...anything ginger or fruity.

    Have a beautiful day!!

  6. This is a fun giveaway and congratulations on your 600 follower mark!!!

    1. I like coffee, dark roast, ground

    2. Dark chocolate - can with with fruits and nuts.

    3. Fav color - have two blue and pink

    4. Salts - Pink

    5. Fav Non-Chocolate Candy - hmmm, just about anything - black licorice, Bit O Honey, and just about anything else you can imagine - I have a sweet tooth!

  7. Now I'm a follower and want to join in on the fun.

    Coffee - K-cups, I'm a Keurig user, big bold, dark coffee with a splash of milk.

    Dark chocolate, either plain or with nuts.

    Autumnal colors.

    Not sure about the salt... I've only had white.

    Mints of any kind.

  8. Edgar
    Can it be 600 followers, aleady? I'd love to be in on the fun...
    1. English Breakfast Teas is a favorite...bagged, please.
    2. Make mine dark chocolate...without nuts, so husband can enjoy, too.
    3. I love fall colors the best.
    4. I'll say either grey or pink salt, as I've tried neither.
    4. I LOVE soft, chewy caramels.
    I so much enjoy following your blog daily.
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  9. Wowsers, Congratulations!!! I am a follower and totally understand why you have so many. Love checking in on your day ;). I would love to be entered in on the fun please.

    - I am a coffee drinker and prefer medium roasted beans. I admit, I like my grinder.
    - I LOVE dark chocolate with nuts.
    - My favorite color is green.
    - I have only had white salt, but now I am curious. I just may have to hunt some down.
    - I love caramel if I can't find chocolate. I would prefer it if it didn't stick to my teeth ;).

    Thanks again. ;)

  10. Congratulations, and what fun questions for your drawing! So...

    I am a follower - wouldn't want to miss your blog ever, even if I don't comment nearly often enough.

    Tea - loose when I can relax at home, bagged for work. Love many kinds, but especially chai.

    Dark chocolate, with or without nuts, and sometimes wrapped around caramel (though I must admit that someone else's response of ginger intrigues me - never heard of it in chocolate!).

    I love blues and greens - not so much "baby" shades, though, but more intense versions.

    Salt - like other responders, not so familiar with those non-white varieties, but would love to try!

    Oh, my sweet tooth can be less than picky, though I've loved caramels forever and sometimes actually crave a good gummy bear (a? oh, heck, it's the whole bag I want!) (but some brands aren't worth the plastic they're bagged in, just saying)

    Thanks for planning such a fun package!

  11. Congrats on your blog Edgar! That is quite an accomplishment!
    What a great giveaway!
    For me:
    COFFEE definitely!
    MEDIUM ROAST, and BEANS. I grind my own!
    Chocolate - DARK, and pure without fruit or nits!
    Color - RED
    Pink Salt
    Mmmm Candy favorite - definitely LICORICE!

  12. 600?!? WOW...congratulations Edgar.

    This is fun!
    * Coffee, dark roast, either ground or beans would be great

    * Plain dark chocolate

    * Oh that's a tough one...I'd have to say either blue or pink

    * I've never tried other salts than the usual white. Pink sounds wonderful!

    * Black licorice or something else in that line

    Even if I don't win I can't wait to see what the packaged giftaway contains!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. I have followed your blog through my blog list for two yars now and have always enjoyed your posts.

    As to the questions:

    I prefer tea, loose, black or green.

    I enjoy Ghiradelli dark chocolate, plain, with nuts or with fruit.

    Deep forest green or rich russet are among my favorite colors. I am a former art teacher and, with the possible exception of pink, I never met a color I didn't like.

    Sea salt of any kind is fine by me ... though my cardiologist objects! Until I read your questions, I was unaware there were pink and grey salts.

    And my favorite non-chocolate candy is crystalized ginger or candied orange and grapefruit peel.

  14. Hi Edgar!
    Congrats on 600 followers -- that's great. And what a fun give-away (so happy I am now "permitted" to comment at work:)). Let's see:

    Coffee in the a.m. - dark beans; loose tea in the afternoon - herbal

    Dark chocolate for sure. With nutmeg or ginger...or anything or nothing!

    Favorite colour: blue -- turquoise or slate blues are favorites

    Pink sea salt!!

    Non-chocolate candy: anything gingery or minty and, of course, black licorice! Yummy

    What fun...keeping my fingers crossed.

  15. 600 that's FABULOUS !
    I like tea, loose vanilla or almond
    Milk chocolate butter creams.
    Pinks and blues.
    Pink salt sounds intereting.
    I have a weakness for gummy candy.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  16. coooo I am half way to catching you up ... well done on the 600 :)
    ok you know I am a follower
    I drink mainly tea ... normal , white but do like an earl grey and fruit flavoured too :)
    dark chocolate with fruit n nuts and mint ..yummmmm
    fav colour sea green
    salt mmmm sea salt on British chips with vinegar
    non chocolate candys are mints :)
    there hope that helps ???
    love mouse xxxxx

  17. Congratulations on passing the 600 mark! What a fun idea for a giveaway! I'm definitely a follower!

    I'm a coffee drinker and love a good dark roast. My son gave me a grinder for Christmas so I've started using beans. As for chocolate, I definitely go with dark without any nuts or fruit. Looking around my house I would say I love rich fall colors the best. I've never tried any other salt other than white, but the pink or grey sounds interesting. My favorite non-chocolate candy would have to be caramel.

  18. Hi Edgar,
    I just started following you!
    I love coffee mostly~ med ground
    but I like tea too ~ bagged
    Chocolate~ milk
    color~ orange
    Don't know about the salts. :o)
    And I love hard Sprees.

    I love your needlework!!!

  19. Congratulations on over 600 followers - you always have a great blog to read! I would love to be entered in your Gift A Way! Here are my answers to the questions you asked.
    Coffee - Med and ground
    Milk Chocolate with nuts
    Favorite Color - yellow
    White Salt (grey & pink ??)
    Gummy Life Savers.

    Happy Stitching

  20. It is great to have 600 followers, you manage to keep an interesting blog!
    I love coffee, the darker the better!Ground as I don't have a grinding machine.But I also drink lots of tea, as I am from Istanbul and I drink it the Turkish way demli(made in a double teapot,the water boils separatley from the tea). I love all kinds of chocolate, dark mostly with anything in it but especially with caramel!My favourite colour is blue(all its hues) but I also love red!I use white salt and I have used my pink Salzburg salt from Austria.I love all kinds of toffee candie and especially mint and toffee together!

  21. Congratulations on 600 followers - your blog is obviously a lot more interesting than mine!
    Hope I can 'play' your game bearing in mind I have been spoiled by you already this year ;-)
    1. Coffee
    2. Light and ground
    4. Dark chocolate/nuts
    5. Blue
    6. Not tried the coloured salts but always happy to try them
    7. Any candies at all

  22. Oooh, this is really exciting! To answer your questions, I am a coffee drinker and prefer ground light or medium. Plain milk chocolate is the only way to go! Favorite colors are any fall colors, orange, rust, gold, etc. Didn't know salt came in colors, so no preference, having only ever had white. Favorite non-chocolate candy are Hot Tamales and Starburst. Thanks so much for the chance to enter. You are an awesome blogger, and generally the first one I look at every day (but don't tell the others!!)

  23. Oh fun! You have a whole lot of followers. lol! And it's a giveaway that's fun to do too!

    I go for herbal tea with honey in it. Can't drink caffeine.

    Love dark chocolate! Love nuts too, so nuts yes.

    Favorite color, hmmmm. Certain shades of green, certain shades of red. And blue. Does that count?

    I don't add salt to my food. If it's in there already, that's fine. lol!

    I think my favorite non-chocolate candy is probably a big, nutty PayDay bar. :D

  24. Thanks for the chance. I'm already a follower.

    Hmmm...I prefer coffee over tea but love both. I love grinding my own beans for a fresh cup...medium roast.

    The only thing I like more than a good cup of coffee is chocolate....the darker the better (for medicinal purposes only, of course ;-) ). No added fruit, with or without nuts.

    My favorite color is blue (deep, country color).

    I've not been adventurous with salt other than liking to grind my own sea salt at the table.

    Non chocolate? Maple candy (like we used to get during sugar maple season when we lived in MI.)

    Good luck, everyone!

  25. 600 followers is great, Edgar--I just reached that number myself this week :)

    I've been following you for a while so would love to enter your giveaway...

    I'm weird--I don't drink either coffee or tea, just hot chocolate once in a while!

    Chocolate--any and every kind! Love it with nuts, with fruit, whatever.

    Blue is the color I love the most.

    Pink salt--such fun!

    Favorite non-chocolate candy would be Dots or Jububes

    Thanks for the fun, Edgar--even if we can't all be winners, it's fun to read everyone's answers :)

  26. Well, throw me in the mix Edgar. I don't drink coffee or tea, I'm a Diet Coke gal :).

    I like milk chocolate with nuts, no fruit.

    Pink is my favorite color and I've never had colored salt but I'm betting the pink would be cool!

    I'm a big fan of Almond Roca.

    Congrats on your 600 followers Edgar - wowee!

  27. 600?!? Congratulations on your blogging success. I'll jump into the fun on this one: Green tea - preferable bagged as I don't have a tea strainer. Chocolate? Yes! The darker the better with fruit and nuts (it's all about health you know?). My current favorite color is purple. Pink sea salt is a favorite - although The Hubs thinks it's weird. Non-chocolate candy? It's a toss up between gummy bears (but I'm kind of picky on brand) and Skittles.

  28. What fun!

    I like tea, with the leaves bagged, in a large variety of flavors. Dark chocolate...yum. I love pastels, with blues or greens being my favorites. Colored salt? I guess mine might be grey, although I never realized it! Candy without chocolate??? That made me really have to think...I guess maybe something like cashew brittle.

    I love SF. I was lucky enough to be able to visit three times several years ago. It is my favorite big much personality...and photos of the Golden Gate in the fog make my heart skip a beat.

    Love your blog and your stitching and your appreciation of things. Keep up the great work!


  29. i am a recent follower and love reading your blog daily!

    i'm not a coffee drinker, but i love tea! i prefer bagged green tea

    i love milk chocolate with fruit flavors, raspberry and orange to name a few!

    i love pink and white

    salt? surprise me!

    my favorites are anything gummy and sour patch coated!

  30. Congrats on your many followers, Edgar. :)
    Here goes.............
    Coffee-always! Mocha-Kenya, or espresso.
    Tea- sometimes, Twinings Lady Grey bagged.
    Dark Chocolate- rum and raisin-YUM!
    Pink or green-dead heat!
    White salt, usually.
    Mentos mints- they're addictive.

  31. Many congratulations of your blog!
    How original is your give away.
    I am a follower...please enter me.
    Let's see...
    I like both coffee and tea. I'm not one of those gourmet drinkers, just plain old coffee - light. As for tea, I'm a Georgia girl so it's sweet tea for me (bagged). Milk chocolate with nuts (caramel, coconut - I don't care!).
    I like soft shades of green, like sage and I also love red.
    I must be boring when it comes to salt - don't think we have any color but white around here.
    You mean there are other candies besides chocolate??!! Definitely a PayDay!!
    Happy 600!!!

  32. Congrats on having more than 600! I have been reading your blog for about a year but only just became a follower!

    Neither, I do love Hot Chocolate though.
    Milk Chocolate with nuts.
    Purple is my fav color.
    Salt, not sure on this one.
    non chocolate candy, probably cinnamon bears

  33. Wow! 600!?! That's amazing! No wonder you are having a giveaway celebration!

    Here are my answers:
    1. I love both!
    2. Coffee would be medium roast, ground (we only have a k-cup machine)
    3. Tea - I would say bagged, becuase I wouldn't know how to fix it any other way
    4. DARK's my favorite! Nuts are okay, no berries for me....unless it is rasbperry jelly in the middle!
    5. Purple
    6. Salt has colors?
    7. You mean that there is such thing as non-chocolate candy???? (Ok, ok, I would say lemon drops or something equally as sour.)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. hi, I think I became follower 601 glad I did you have a great blog. Please enter me into your drawe
    Now then:

    Definately Tea(Bagged) called Yorkshire Gold

    Dark chocolate always and always on it's own

    Love orange I'm a very autumnal colour person

    I don't like salt but if to had to have it would be white because I suppose that's what's naturally added to most things

    Liquorice Allsorts my fav. Love all the different colours

    Thanks for the chance
    x catherine

  35. Oh, I want to play. I know I live close but this sounds fun.

    1. Coffee
    2. Coffee would be dark, whole beans
    3. DARK's my favorite! Plain or salted is my favorite.
    4. Red
    5. White Salt
    6. Sour Candy or lollipops

    Congrats on making it to 600 followers! How fantastic! Happy weekend...

  36. What a great idea for a giveaway,,,and I am a follower to answer your questions,, or Lady Grey,either bagged or loose.
    2.Plain milk chocolate
    3.Pink or Purple
    4.Never had pink or gray would love to try them..
    5.Red Licorice

  37. Congratulations on 600! Of course I want to join in the fun. I'm an equal opportunity drinker so either coffee medium roasts and ground or tea bold flavors either bagged or loose. Chocolate should be DARK with additives. Favorite color would be shades of red leaning toward brick/terra cotta. As for salt, I've only ever had the plain Morton's type so any of them would be an adventure. Non-chocolate candy could be jelly beans, licorice, butterscotch, or maple. I do have a sweet tooth! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope the weather is cooperative for your thrifting.

  38. Edgar, congratulations on your wonderful blog's success! You are such an entertaining writer and I do enjoy reading your blog.

    I love tea-bagged. I love peach & raspberry flavors. Being a MS Gulf Coast girl, I love iced tea.

    Milk or dark chocolates with fruits are devine.

    I love beachy colors-blues, yellows, neutral tones and aquas.

    I know I like white salt. I have not heard of grey or pink salt.

    Non chocolate candy fave would be Juicy Pear Jelly Belly beans!

  39. WOW 600 followers! Congrats. I am a follower. Tea for me. Black teas, loose or bagged. Any chocolate except white. Nuts and fruits only make the chocolate better. Pink is my favorite color. Love pink salt. Candy that isn't chocolate would be something fruity.

  40. Ooh, a gift-a-way! I am a follower, and I'm glad you're still going strong with the blogging, because I read every post even if I don't often comment.

    Black tea, bagged. I ADORE Earl Grey, but all black teas make me happy.
    Royal Blue is my favorite color.
    I've never had a colored salt before. That would be fun to experiment with. I love milk chocolate and skittles, but I'm tried to lose weight before my wedding (don't you love how I managed to work my shiny new engagement into this comment?), so really, I should not have responded to those two questions at all!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win something!

  41. Congratulations! What a fun idea for a giveaway, and since I was born in SF, this one is right up my alley!

    Alas, I do not drink coffee - or tea. I drink Diet Coke but I am trying to cut back on that as well. I have no idea where I will get caffeine from...wait! Chocolate! I like milk and dark, with or without nuts. My favorite color is purple, and I have only used white salt. Non chocolate candy? Sweet tarts!

    Thanks for the chance!


  42. How fun!!! Congrats on 600 followers!!!
    1. coffee
    2. light roast, whole bean
    4. milk chocolate with nuts! YUMMY! I'm having a craving...ha!
    5. navy blue
    6. pink salt
    7. caramel or peppermint

  43. Congrats on 600 followers! Cool! Love following your blog.

    Black tea either loose or bagged is my favorite.

    Dark chocolate.

    My favorite color is red.

    I'd love to try different colored salts!

    I'm a big licorice fan - black or red.

    Thanks for the fun contest!


  44. This is a fun one Edgar!

    Coffee - medium roast - either ground or beans

    Milk chocolate - any way you find it!

    No favorite color - I love them all

    I don't even know what pink or grey salt is, but I'll say pink

    Favorite non-chocolate candy would be caramels or Sour Patch Kids

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  45. Over 600 followers is definitely something to celebrate! I just made your count 617 :)

    Definitely coffee - medium roast beans
    Dark chocolate if you please and not messed up with nuts or fruits
    Green has been my life long favorite color - all shades except olive
    All salts are wonderful - I salt almost everything - lol
    My favorite non-chocolate candy? Jelly Belly's - where else can you get such an assortment?

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your great giveaway!

  46. I am a follower and would love to win your Gift-a-way! I like tea, Bagged - Constant Comment. I like plain milk chocolate. Favorite color is blue. I like white salt but never tired pink or grey. And a candy from my childhood is still my favorite - Fireballs! thanks so much for doing this!
    Carol - - see I have to like chocolate - I work for Hershey's

  47. Congrats on 600 followers! I check in with you almost every day so I'm not surprised so many others do as well. Thanks for offering this great gift-a-way!!

    I prefer tea, mainly black tea like English Breakfast, Irish breakfast, etc. Loose or bagged doesn't matter. I have a bunch of those little tea ball thingies.

    I love dark chocolate, the darker the better without nuts or fruit.

    My favorite color is green.

    No preference on the salt.

    My favorite non-chocolate candy is Twizzlers. Love them!

  48. Howdy!!
    What an exciting giveaway!!!
    Bagged tea...anything but Chai
    Dark Chocolate
    Blue is my favorite color
    Any salt..YUM!!
    Caramel candy!!!
    Congrats on all the followers!!
    You have a great blog!!
    Ellen S

  49. Wow, that's a lot of followers.
    -I like tea
    -bagged Stash- Chocolate Mint

    -Dark Chocolate with nuts

    -favorite color is purple

    - I only know of white salt

    -Jordan Almond candy

  50. I swear you just passed the 300 mark like six months ago - already 600, very cool! I also like your updated profile pic of you and Rico with the hounds.

    Black teas, bagged, any flavors
    Milk chocolate with nuts
    PINK - all shades
    I've never tried pink or grey salt, but based on my color preference, I'll say, pink!
    Good & Plentys


  51. I swear you just passed the 300 mark like six months ago - already 600, very cool! I also like your updated profile pic of you and Rico with the hounds.

    Black teas, bagged, any flavors
    Milk chocolate with nuts
    PINK - all shades
    I've never tried pink or grey salt, but based on my color preference, I'll say, pink!
    Good & Plentys


  52. I think you have more followers than anyone! I prefer medium roast coffee with beans although I do enjoy loose tea also. Chocolate must be dark adn should have goodies like nuts and fruit in it. I still like white salt, blue is my favorite color and I do love jelly beans

  53. Congratulations on 600 followers!!
    What a fun giveaway and I am definitely a follower!

    2.Medium roast. ground but I have a keurig so I mostly buy the k cups
    3.Chai tea, green tea or black tea, bagged
    4.Milk Chocolate with fruit or nuts-YUM!
    5.Purple or Red
    6.I've only had white but would love to try pink or gray
    7. Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids

  54. Congrats on having so many followers! I would love to be included for a chance to win the gift-a-way : )

    1. Tea

    2. N/A

    3. Bagged ... Hot Cinnamon Sunset

    4. Dark or milk, nuts or without ... I love it all ... lol!

    5. Fave color ... a tie between soldier blue, hunter green, & burgundy.

    6. Pink salt ... hands down : )

    7. Favorite non-chocolate candy is Satellite Wafers : )

  55. Congrats on the 600 followers of which I am one!

    Chamomile tea bagged. I love milk chocolate without anything in it. Blue is my favorite color and I like white salt. My favorite non-chocolate candy is Smarties!

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Doh! Trying again...forgot my favorite color last time, it's red or pink!

    Congrats! What fun to do a gift-a-way too.

    Black tea, loose or bagged doesn't matter really

    Dark chocolate, with or without goodies it's all good!

    Salt, well I've only had white but I'll try anything once.

    Non-chocolate would have to be caramels, cow's tails, butterscotch disks YUM!

    That was fun!

  58. Love to join your fun giveaway!

    I am a coffee addict and love dark chocolate.

    My favorite colors are autumn shades especially red.

    Not sure about the salt, have only seen white salt.

    Non-chocolate candy - mint and gummy.


  59. I doubt I will live to see 600 followers! Congratulations from a new follower!!
    1. Coffee or tea
    2. Coffee-Dark Beans
    3. Tea-Jasmine bagged or loose, does not matter
    4. Dark Chocolate, no fruit or nuts...have enough of both in my life right now thankyouverymuch!
    5. Slimey limey green and/or mermaid shimmer!
    6. Pink Salt
    7. Favorite Non-chocolate candy would be---candied ginger!!

  60. Hello - oc course you have 600 followers, your blog is awesome! I am a follower and would love to be entered.

    I'm mostly a coffee girl, dark roast - used to be beans, now we mostly use our Keurig

    DARK chocolate (is this a trend?) - fruits are a nice addition

    Favorite color is nearly any blue

    Poor old provincial me, never had anything but white salt - pink salt sound nice

    Non chocolate treat - something minty - like Holland mints

    Thanks for the fun Gift away -

    Mary in MN

  61. 600 followers is definitely something to brag about. I only have about 40. If I'm lucky, I have 2 or 3 that actually leave comments.

    I like Green Tea. I've only had it bagged but you know but my husband is a tea fanatic so we have the capability to do loose tea. Or I used the K cup maker (cheating I know). If I have to add a flavor, I go with mint. White tea is good too. Throw in some nice raw honey and I call that a great cup of tea!

    Definitely dark chocolate. With nuts. Leave out the fruit

    I've always loved blue

    Salt comes in colors? I generally use kosher (Alton brown has converted me).

    There's candy that's not chocolate?! Just kidding. I like toffee.

  62. what a fun giveaway! and congrats on 600 followers :)

    Here's my answers ...

    Coffee - medium or dark roast, ground
    Dark chocolate without nuts/fruit
    Red is my favorite color
    I've never tried pink or grey salt .. sounds fun!

  63. I'm a follower and love reading your blog. My answers for the gift-a-way:

    Coffee-medium roast, ground
    Milk chocolate with nuts
    Green is my favorite color
    White salt it's all I've ever used
    Sour gummy worms are my fave non chocolate candy

  64. Congratulations on 600 followers, that is quite an achievement.
    I'm a follower and I'd love to enter the draw.
    I like coffee and tea, depending on the time of day.
    Coffee I prefer a dark roast, ground for my espresso machine.
    Tea, I love all kinds of black tea, but not fruit or herbal teas, and I'm lazy, so I use bags.
    Chocolate, the darker and more bitter the better, nuts are good, not so keen on fruit
    My favourite colour is teal.
    I didn't know they made pink or grey salt, intriguing.
    My favourite non-chocolate sweet would be toffee

  65. Congrats on your 600 followers...I would love to be entered into your drawing please.
    1. I like Coffee but prefer tea
    2. Coffee Medium - ground
    3. Bagged tea...all black teas - Earl Grey and lady Grey are my favourites
    4. Chocolate - Dark with nuts mmmmm!
    5. Favourite Colour - Pink & Purple
    6. Never had pink or Grey salt
    7. Favorite Non-chocolate candy jelly sweets like Haribos

    Thanks Edgar this was fun
    {{{hugs}}} Elisa xx

  66. Love your blog!and love all your pictures of San Francisco! Hope to visit one day from RI!
    I love coffee in the am - medium roast.
    Tea in the afternoon - bag of Yorkshire Gold.
    Love milk chocolate covered almonds
    My color is purple
    I prefer white Kosher salt
    Love Jordan Almonds!
    Thanks for the contest!

  67. What a fun giveaway Edgar! Can't wait to see what you put together!

    Tea....loose or bagged....chai s my favorite...especially a chai latte! I don't drink coffee at all. Hot chocolate is a big favorite too!

    I love all types of chocolate...

    Not really a favorite...partial to reds, pinks and blues. Colonial/ shaker colors catch my eye.

    I've never seen pink salt, so let's go with that!

    I have such a sweet's hard to pick one! Gummie bears and Swedish fish are good. Caramels and toffees too! And so on.... ;)

    Thanks again Edgar and congrats on the number of followers!

  68. Hi Edgar

    I love all of your WIP's as well as your Photos too....I love your Blog.....

    I love the LNS that you went to...that place looks awesome....I would love to go there someday if I ever make it out to Californai...

    Happy New Year Edgar

    Linda K, Railroad

  69. I am now one of your followers on your Blog Edgar...I hope that you will be a follower on mine as well - I love reading your is my Blog:

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  70. This sounds like sooo much fun Edgar! Congrats on 600 followers. I am definitley one of that number and would love to enter your giveaway.
    So here goes:

    I drink both coffee and tea. I love loose tea especially chai and rooibos. As for coffee it's usually a light to medium roast and I will drink flavoured coffees.

    I love both milk and dark chocolates.

    My favourite colour is blue.

    Pink salt sounds like a lot of fun!

    Other than chocolate I prefer hard lemon candies and anything butterscotch.

  71. I am a serious coffee lover! I like the dark roasts, and we usually buy whole bean, and grind it just before we brew a pot! I like milk chocolate, especially good with nuts. My favorite color is bright teal. I have never tried those salts -- what fun! Non-chocolate candy favorites are hard candies like Werthers - no filling, just creamy yummyness! Congrats on 600!

  72. Not surprised, congratualtions!! Love the stick family.

  73. What a fun giveaway. Congratulations on having so many followers. I really enjoy your blog.

    I like both coffee and tea.
    Coffee, ground-medium or dark roast. Tea, bagged, I usually just get regular lipton.

    I like both dark and milk, also white. With or without nuts or fruits.

    My favorite colors are black and pink. Also autumn colors.

    I have never tried anything but white. I would love to try the others though.

    Life Saver Gummys.


  74. Hi Edgar

    i love tea and coffee, mild coffee and strong tea. I like tea loose and in bags. I like coffee ground. I love all chocolate and it does not matter what is in it. Pink is my favourite colour so i also like pink salt. Non-chocolate favs are candy canes.

  75. Wow! 600 followers is a big deal! Congrats on a huge number! I am so happy to be one of those followers myself!
    I love coffee--medium roast--either ground or we do grind our own beans, too. I do love milk chocolate, and nuts are great in it! My favorite color is green because I think it goes with everything! I don't know much about salt except the round box with the little girl & umbrella...but I am interested to learn about a different kind! And I do love candy, especially fruity candy! (and really most any type candy!!) Thank you for a chance at a very special giveaway!

  76. I am a follower and enjoy your blog. Would love to win. I absolutely love both coffee and tea. I like dark roast coffee. I like most any kind of tea either hot or cold and usually use bags. I like dark chocolate. Cobalt blue is my favorite color (but I also like bright pink and red). I like any kind of salt and feel that it is one of the most important ingredients when cooking. Non-choc favs is caramel.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. What a milestone.

    I have been a follower for a while.
    Tea both bagged and loose
    milk chocolate fruits(Favorite choc. covered raisins:)
    Aqua favorite color - although I love every color. Its always hard to pick one.
    Pink salt

  79. Congrats Edgar! I love medium roast coffee beans or ground, bagged tea - usually an English Breakfast kind, dark chocolate plain or with fruit and/or nuts, favorite color is purple, not sure about the salt - only have seen white, favorite other candy is definitely red twizzlers!

  80. How fun, Edgar...boy I was thrilled to hit the 70 mark - 600 WOW. I am and have been a follower for here goes:

    1. Both coffee and tea liked.
    2. Dark roast - ground.
    3. Bagged - lemon.
    4. Any chocolate is never around me for long - but dark is fav! Don't like nuts much, but fruit in chocolate is okay in my book. Have you tried the new dark with pomegranet or blueberry by Hershey - YUM!
    5. Any jewel tones.
    6. White salt is all I've ever had. So I don't know-sounds very interesting.
    7. Well second to chocolate and not very far behind as a fav - CARAMEL! Yum!

    Congrats on the follower number!

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. 1. Do you Like Coffee or Tea?I like both!
    2. Medium to dark, as long as it is not bitter-Like a fine grind.
    3. Bagged tea and my fave is peppermint.
    4. Dark Chocolate -I like nuts and plain.
    5. Do you have a Favourite Colour?
    6. Do you Like Pink, Grey or White Salt? I've only ever had white...would love to try pink or grey
    7. Your Favorite Non-chocolate candy would be? Hard question! Probably a marizipan. There is a peanut marazipan (de la Rosa) that is Mexican - I love it. But I like lots of types of candy.

  83. Awesome, 600 followers! Congrats!
    I am a new blogger and new follower to your blog. I really enjoy your posts and seeing your stitchings. Now for the questions...

    I love coffee and tea.
    Coffee, medium roast, ground.
    Tea, bagged, Spicy Chai flavor.
    DARK! chocolate, with no nuts or fruits. It is delicious all on its' own!
    Favorite color, purple!
    White salt for me... haven't tried the fancy colors yet.
    Fave non-choc candy, gummi bears!

    what a fun idea this is. Enjoy your weekend!

  84. OK, you've pulled me in! I am now follower #623. I absolutely love reading your blog as you are talented and funny. Congrats on 600and what a fun gift-a-way.

    Tea for me, green/fruity and loose

    Milk chocolate with nuts

    Favorite color would be beachy colors like aqua/shell/pink

    Salt...have not tried pink or grey, so surprise me. I love trying new things.


  85. Awesome to hit 600 followers, congrats to you, Edgar! Someone ought to be sending YOU a pressie!

    What fun questions:

    1. COFFEE first, TEA second
    2. Medium or Dark Beans
    3. Love Azo tea bagged.
    4. Milk Chocolate without, unless peppermint is involved then it needs to be dark.
    5. Brickey Red
    6. White
    7. Spice Drops


  86. I've been reading right along for a few years now, and occasionally commenting. Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. Tea for me please.
    2. N/A
    3. Bagged, Cinnamon Apple herbal tea.
    4. Milk Chocolate with nuts is good, with caramel is even better.
    5. My favourite colour is purple.
    6. I have no experience with fancy salts so anything would be a new adventure.
    7. Non chocolate candy would be a tie between caramel and english toffee.

  87. Congratulations on 600 followers! I've been reading for years, and its been fun following your stitching, movies and San Francisco rambles.

    Coffee or tea, hrmm, I love both. If its coffee, medium to light roast, and I do both beans and ground. Tea, I love everything from a strong Irish breakfast tea to herbal infusions. I just don't like red roibos teas.

    Definitely a dark chocolate girl. Not too keen on nuts, but love fruit and chocolate together. Nuts belong by themself, cracked fresh from the shell.

    Red, definitely red.

    Pink, grey and white salt are all interesting. I even have some black salts, a red, and 2 different kinds of smoked salts. Can you tell I'm a foodie?

    Favorite non-chocolate food - marshmallows! Sometime I'm going to make some homemade ones.

  88. New follower! Yay..
    I loves Tea. I loved bagged - green tea. Milk chocolate is my favorite, without nuts and fruits. Pink is my favorite color. Pink..I loves peppermint candy :)

  89. I'm a new follower and here are my answers:
    I prefer coffee. Dark roast, ground.
    Milk chocolate with nuts is my favorite.
    My favorite colour is red
    I always use white salt; never tried the others.
    Besides chocolate I also love caramel.
    Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  90. I'm a new follower.
    and well I like ice coffee, I also make my own cappucino out of instant coffee, nesquick, creamer and sugar, YUMMY!
    I do like tea too, more the fruit kind of teas. BAGS!
    I love DARK chocolate nuts are GREAT in them.
    Salt, I don't think I've tried gray salt, I have some pink sea salt from Denmark- where I was born and raised.
    Non chocolate candy- DANISH licorice, not the milk twizzler BLAH kind, no STRONG BLACK licorice!
    I guess I forgot my favorite color- BLUES, if not then reds.

  91. I'm so happy that so many have found the happiness that is your blog!! :)

    I think a city (or area-themed) give-a-way is such a clever idea!! (I'll pause to let your head swell a bit, just as it should!!) LOL :)

    Here we go:

    I love tea! I like bagged, mostly because I can take it on the go with me and have a cuppa most anywhere. In my neighborhood, I'm known as the "tea shop girl" - I love EVERY flavor! Surprises are always awesome!

    I love milk chocolate! (Probably because I've read dark chocolate is better for you - LOL)
    I love fruits and nuts along with my "chocolately" sin of gluttony. :)

    My favorite color is blue. Next is anything in the raspberry family.

    I LOVE pink salt. It's usually hard to find in these parts - but I think it's awesome!

    My favorite non-chocolate candy? Anything with maple! I love maple so much, I think I could be a Canadian citizen by default! :)

    Thanks again for offering such a fun give-a-way! Here's to more followers in your future!

    I'm a follower and would love to participate!

  92. Congrats Edgar. I love reading your blog. I am a follower and would like to join in the fun.
    I like med roast ground coffee
    I like milk chocolate with nuts no fruit
    I like lime green and light purple
    I like white salt
    I like licorce
    Thanks for the chance..

  93. Fun giveaway, good luck to all entrants. I'm a new follower so will give others longer term readers a better chance

  94. What fun responses for your giveaway! Congratulations on 600 followers!!! I found your blog from Linda at Stray Stitches' blog. Thanks for sharing with all of us!
    1. Hot, fresh coffee
    2. Dark French roast - beans or ground
    3. Peppermint tea in bags
    4. Milk chocolate with nuts
    5. Blue - turquoise, aqua
    6. White salt
    7. Gumdrops

    Have a wonderful day!

  95. I don't have a blog, but I love reading yours on a daily basis.
    I love black tea, any kind
    Dark chocolate, with or without nuts
    All shades of blue
    Not sure what colored salts are so surprise me
    Caramels or salt water taffy
    Can't wait to see what your favorites are for SF, my daughter will be there in March, wish I could be there too.
    Have a great day!

  96. What a fun and completely unique gift a way! Congrats on going over the 600 follower mark :)

    Tea - bagged or loose (any flavors)
    Dark Chocolate any kind
    Blue any shade is fav. color
    I've only seen white salt so I'd love one of the other colors?
    Any candy, love them all :0) Surprise me!

    Please enter me :) Thanks!

  97. I'm not entering your contest but I did want to say Congratulations on a wonderful achievement of so many followers and Thank You for sharing your stitching and a bit of your life with us!


  98. Congratulations on the milestone achievement. Your blog is wonderful. It doesn't surprise me so many love to follow your posts.
    In anwser to questions: I am not a coffee drinker, I prefer tea. I like bagged or loose, green or black. My favorite flavor is called Tibietian Tiger. It is a loose tea that my SIL gets at Gettysburg, PA as a tea shop. As to chocolate, I never met a chocolate that I didn't like. I tried pink salt once and loved it but have never gotten any since then. Not real easy to find here in Iowa.My favorite color is a toss up. It varies from time to time, sometimes pink sometimes blue. I really love all color in general, red too. And for non-chocolate candy, since February is coming I really like the conversation hearts.

  99. Just joined your follower list - love your blog
    Medium/Dark Coffee
    Milk Chocolet but not very often - I'm not much of a chocolet fan
    Love Love Love the color RED
    White Sea Salt
    My favorite candy is Sour Gummy Life Savers. They are hard to find so I stock up when I do find them.

  100. Oh Edgar another givaway I love givaways: well
    1. I like Starbucks dark Espresso
    2I like Taso Tea Licorice (bagged)
    3.Dove chocolate milk chocolate plain
    4.My fav colour is pink
    5.White salt
    6. My fav non chocolate candy is taffy vanilla.
    Thank-you for a chance in your givaway.

  101. CONGRATS ON 600+!






  102. Congrats on the 600 followers mark.I am a follower. I like tea, either loose or bagged and my favorite flavor is mint or candy cane tea.
    Milk chocolate, mostly plain but sometimes with nuts.
    Red is my favorite color
    White salt but want to try the pink.
    Mint cremes or crystal mints are my favorite non chocolate candy.

  103. Congrats on blog success! I am a follower.

    Neither on coffee or tea, but my mom loves chai tea and would share it with her. :) (she is also a stitcher at times)

    Dark chocolate! Milk Chocolate! chocolate! LOL just don't really like fruits in my chocolate (unless its strawberry). LOL

    Hot pink

    salts - grey or white

    hot tamales or mike and ikes.


  104. I'm a new GFC follower- Kylie C.

    Black Teas- loose, especially Russian Caravan tea. I love that smokey flavor.

    Dark Chocolate with dried cherries and chili- the best flavor combination ever, just try it.

    I love Orange. Orange and Aqua are my colors of the year.

    We use light grey sea salt but I've been wanting to try the pink.

    And I have a weakness for Sour Patch Kids.

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  105. Congratulations on all your success! I love all the stitching you share and your cutie pie Who-Hounds.

    Please enter me in your gift away -
    Definitely coffee - dark roast and whole beans. Would this be the fantastic Peets? a definite fav of mine!
    Milk chocolate - any kind!
    Favorite color - green
    Salt - Himalayan Pink
    7 - Not much of a candy person - do Peppermint Altoids count? Or I have a small addiction to Trident Cinnamon gum.

    Thanks for a chance at a little bit of SF it is one of my favorite places to visit. All your adventures have me green with envy.

  106. I wasn't going to enter as I haven't been following very long and I felt a bit cheeky. But I decided to join in the fun anyway!

    I don't drink tea or coffee but I love hot chocolate made with mainly milk.

    I love any chocolate so long as it's neat. Don't go mixing it with anything else except the occasional nut.

    I love jewel tones especially purple and blue.

    I never knew salt came in colours. I have only ever seen white.

    Non choc candy has to be licquorice allsorts or acid drops.

  107. Congratulations on your blogging success! Here are my answers:
    I love tea! loose or bagged, mostly black, except at night. I LOVE dark chocolate, the darker the better, with nuts and fruit are ok, too. Fav color, hmmm, orange or green (earthy colors). I've never tried pink or grey salt. My fav none chocolate candy are licorice allsorts. Thanks for letting me enter your contest. I am going to sign up to follow your blog, and I have put your blog on my favorites list :)

  108. 1-tea 2-bagged regular iced 4-milk with fruit or nuts or both 5-pink or black 6-white 7-fruit jellies

  109. Great job on the over 600! (I have 13.)
    Tea - citrus or chai is good - loose or bagged.
    either chocolate is fine w/nuts
    haven't tried pink or grey salt so I guess it would be white.
    color is red!
    hairbo gummie bears!
    Thanks for the give-a-way!
    Happy Stitching!

  110. Wow great give away!! would love to win
    1 coffee medium ground
    2 milk chocolate fruit is fine
    3 green
    4 Never tried pink or grey would love to
    5 lollipops any kind since i quit smoking 11 months ago.

  111. Love your blog and would love to try and win.

    Coffee, dark roasted beans, please
    Milk chocolate with nuts or fruits
    Current fav is a pink salt from Hawaii
    SourPatch Kids

  112. I love following your blog. Lets see about the questions:
    1. coffee dark roast and beans please.
    2. Have never been a big drinker of hot tea although I have just been introduced to a new tea shop so we shall see = fruity flavors maybe
    3. milk chocolate with or without nuts.
    4. favorite color is green
    5. I like the pink the best but any except black - it makes me think pepper!
    6. caramel

  113. 1. Tea
    2. I'm allergic to caffeine so coffee isn't my friend
    3. Loose leaf chamomile (although I do love my keurig!)
    4. It would be white because of the whole caffeine thing...I love it with peppermint candy in it!
    5. All shades blue
    6. I love pink salt
    7. Skittles

  114. Happy to be one of those 600 followers!

    Let's see...tea for sure; love all kinds bagged or loose; am partial to Lady Gray in the mornings

    Milk chocolate...any kind

    Fave colors are all the autumn colors

    Never had anything but white salt...sounds interesting

    Non-chocolate candies...neccos or mints

    Thanks for the chance, Edgar & congrats on so many followers!

  115. Congratulations on your 600 followers. I am so glad that I am one of them, love reading your blog!
    I like tea, bagged, Lady Grey and fruity flavors. But being a Southern gal, sweet iced tea is the best!
    Milk chocolate, plain or with fruit.
    Favorite color is burgundy.
    I didn't know there was anything other than white salt, would love to try the others - is there a difference in taste?
    Non-chocolate candy - Orange Slices or caramels.
    Thank you for the opportunity in your fun Gift-A-Way!

  116. I don't drink coffee or tea, but I make my own herbal blends from spearmint, orange zest, cherry bark, and other ingredients.
    Chocolate is always dark! I love truffles - except not coconut.
    Green rules the world. I didn't know salt came in colors, but I use potassium chloride because of a potassium deficiency. They make non-chocolate candy????


  117. WOW 600 followers and I'm just one of them, I can but dream :)

    1, Both
    2, Light or medium
    3, I drink both depends on my mood
    4, Milk with anything
    5, Purple
    6, I had no idea salt came in anything but white!!!
    7, Chocolate Limes, Yummy

  118. I'm a medium roast coffee bean drinker. As for chocolate, I'm not a chocolate lover like some, so if I do indulge I like the dark with nuts/fruits to add interest :). I love caramels for candy or anything orange and lemon flavored; nice and chewy. Salts? I've never tried the colored stuff, can't get it here, but I have converted to sea salt in our home but it's usually just the white kind I guess. Would love to try the others and see the differences. Fave color has bee ferny, moss greens but I'm adding aquas to those base colors now for zing!
    Congrats on going over the 600 mark..I joined today too!

  119. Thanks so much for a chance at your gift-a-way... what fun!!

    - coffee
    - light roast-ground
    - milk chocolate, with or without nuts
    - purple
    - pink salt
    - hard to pick a favourite kind of candy... I like fuzzy peaches, red licorice, caramels. After reading my list I guess I like "chewy" things! :^)

  120. Congrats on reaching 600 followers! I hope to reach the goal myself some day.

    I love loose leaf tea any flavor.
    My favorite chocolate is dark with nuts and caramel.
    My favorite color is blue. I use white sea salt in all of my cooking. My favorite non-chocolate candy is licorice (shoestring) a childhood favorite really!
    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway.

    Happy Stitching!

  121. Congrats on your 600 followers. That is awesome. Here are my answers:
    Light ground coffee
    Dark chocolate with fruit and nuts
    Favorite color is orange
    White salt
    Hot tamales
    I am a loyal follower. Would you please enter me in the fun.

  122. Well done on 600 followers! I would love a chance to enter and win some San Fransisco goodies! Now - coffee - medium ground. I don't drink tea. Love milk chocolate - on its on or with nuts or fruit or both. Love any sort of candy - I am so easy to please. I like anything with a creme in it or caramel. Love red and turquiose and purples and pinks. Salt? I only know of white.

  123. I've never been to SF so would love to win the goodies! I am a follower of your blog, mostly read, occasionally comment..enjoy it very much!
    1. I like coffee.
    2. Medium roast.
    3. I like iced tea, use tea bags.
    4. Dark or milk chocolate, like both, love nuts in the chocolate.
    5. Fav color is blue.
    6. White salt, haven't seen pink or grey.:)
    7. I like Jelly Bellies. Right now I'm eating some conversation hearts!

  124. I've become a new follower. I like tea, I don't drink coffee. My favourite teas are Jasmine green teas, loose. I love milk chocolate with fruit and nuts, or with little toffee bits. My favourite colour is yellow. I haven't ever tried pink or grey salt. They sound interesting! I love licorice allsorts.

  125. 1. Coffee. I like tea also tho.
    medium roast. I buy ground, since I don't have a grinder.
    Love dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Love nuts in the chocolate.
    Favorite color is blue.
    Haven't every had any other kind of salt except white.
    Favorite non chocolate candy would be carmels.

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  126. Congrats on reaching 600 followers!! That's amazing, seriously it is :D

    I would love to be entered in the draw!!

    I love both coffee and tea of all kinds (I am really fond of any kind of black tea though :D)

    DARK chocolate is the best!! Preferably with nothing orangey in it!!

    PURPLE!!! Then Blue, or that peacock blue/green!!

    Not sure what "pink, grey, or white salt" means..oh I get it! Okay, pink salt sounds fun!!

    Anything salty :D

    What a fun giveaway!!

  127. Good morning, I love reading your blog all the way across the ocean in Australia, and your stitching, I get do jealous with all the choices and LNS 's you have.
    I would love to enter if I could.
    It would be coffee..medium roasted, and not to strong.
    Chocolate -milk , nuts fruit anything added is fine..except Turkish delight.ewww on that
    Fav colour would be purple..any shades.
    Salt.. I never knew it came in pink. So I would be a White salt girl, and lots of it on hot chips - fries to you.
    And candy or lollies as we call them.. Well there are a
    M&M's, tobelrone, and our aussie Cadbury aero bars.

    And just to add, I was so disappointed when in the US 2 years ago I didn't get to go to the Ghirradelli chocolate factory , but I made up for in in buying their cook book and choc chips to bring home.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog.
    Australia xx

  128. 1. Neither
    2. Only in my garden,it's not picky.
    3. My cousin likes peppermint.
    4. Dark, anyway.
    5. peach
    6. Only had white. Would love to try grey and pink.
    7. Dried fruit tops it all.

  129. Please enter me, San Francisco is one of my favorite cities!

    Black tea is my fav.

    Bagged is what I use but I love teas that have orange in them.

    Milk Chocolate or white chocolate. Without nuts but love toffee in with my chocolate.

    Favorite color would be green or blue most days. Others it is pink or purple but never orange!

    Never had any salt but white but would love to try pink.

    Licorice, especially a good black one.

  130. I'm not entering, but just wanted to pass along congrats on reaching 600 followers. What a great accomplishment!

  131. Congrats on your following! Fabulous!
    *I'm not a coffee or tea drinker, so I know nothing about either.
    *milk chocolate with fruit and/or nuts.
    *Fav color is either purple or red.
    *Salt? Only have had white or the Real Salt that is pink.
    *Red licorice is a favorite nonchocolate candy.

    Again, congrats on your followings!

  132. i'm one of your 600 :)
    i prefer coffee, dark roast, and ground;
    LOVE chocolate, dark if i want to make it last, milk and it's gone in a minute, with peppermint or caramel or liquers
    pink and green, the more intense hues
    pink salt sounds interesting!
    caramels or mints! (i see my theme now, lol)
    have a beautiful day!

  133. 600, that is great!!!

    Here are my answers:

    Tea – loose or bagged
    Chocolate – dark, surprise me
    Have no idea – I’ve never used anything but regular or kosher
    Caramel crèmes

  134. Congratulations on the 600 follower mark! Wow! Your giveaway is so fun and here are my answers:
    1. I like coffee and tea. Medium roast on the coffee (beans or ground) and loose English Breakfast tea.
    2. I love any kind of chocolate & nuts make it perfect.
    3. Purple is my favorite color with pink a close second.
    4. I have only had white salt - didn't know there were other salts!
    5. Cinnamon or gummy bears are my favorite non-chocolate candy.

    Thank you for entering me! I just love your blog and can see why you have over 600 followers!

    Blessings - Julie

  135. What fun! Congrats on the 600. How cool is that?

    Drum roll please......

    Coffee - Medium - Bean

    White is my favorite, but milk is a close second. ANYWAY I can get it!

    Yellow with accents of raspberry! YUM...

    Pink Salt. It's fun!

    Love my Good N Plenty.

    thanks for always thinking of us and for BLOGGING! Lunch would not be the same without you.

  136. OOOPPPSss. Jusst in cae I do win....
    I can be reached at

  137. Since I have been a lucky winner of one of your giveaways before, I would love another shot at the big prize! I definitely am a big follower of your blog, so here goes...
    I like coffee, light and ground, the weaker the better.
    It must be milk chocolate with fruits and nuts, more the better.
    My favorite color is black, although some say it is not a color, but anything against black pops.
    I love white salt, but would love to try gray.
    Of course chocolate is king, but if I had to choose something non chocolate, I would choose those horridly colored sugared fruit slices, nuts I know.

  138. Oh my - I can't believe I almost missed this one!!!!!
    I like tea - bagged - plain old orange pekoe
    Chocolate with no nuts, fruit yes
    Red is my color.
    I love all the salts.
    You mean there is other candy other than chocolate??? LOL - Good and Plenty - addicted!

    Congrats on that huge number of followers. I am not surprised! and I have been a follower forever.

  139. I like cheap, bagged tea, but I like just a dash of Starbucks spearmint flavoring in it.

    I like chocolate any way I can get it.

    My favorite color is GREEN!

    Pink, Grey, or White salt? Salt comes in colors? I buy the Lite Salt. LOL.

    My favorite non-chocolate candy is Cow Tails. YUM!

    Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway. Conrats on hitting way over 600 followers!

  140. Hello Edgar, I´m a new follower, your blog is so cool.
    I want to enter this giveaway so:
    I preffer Tea, esp Earl Grey (loose)
    My favourite colour is light pink
    I ussually use Sea Salt but grey salt would be ok...
    My favourite candy is Butter Toffe...


  141. 1. Do you Like Coffee or Tea?
    2. If its coffee you like - Light, Medium or Dark roast? - and - beans or ground?
    3. If it's tea you like, would that be Loose or Bagged? - and - any particular flavour?
    4. If its some Chocolate - would it be Dark or Milk? With nuts and fruits or without?
    5. Do you have a Favourite Colour?
    6. Do you Like Pink, Grey or White Salt?
    7. Your Favorite Non-chocolate candy would be?

    And I don't always shout... it was just so you could see my answers :)

  142. Congratulations on reaching over 600 followers. I discover your blog less than a year ago and I am glad I did. Your stitching is beautiful. I also like checking out your Blacksheep Bakes blog.

    1. Coffee
    2. Medium or Dark Roast
    3. N/A
    4. Chocolate - dark with or without nuts.
    5. Favourite Colour - Red/Purple
    6. Only ever had white
    7. Favorite Non-chocolate candy - Licorice Allsorts

    Have a great day!

  143. Edgar - something happened in blogger and some of the people I was following somehow got dropped off my list. I have only just re-found you again and I want you to know that I have missed you, whether I win your lovely sounding giveaway or not. I prefer coffee, medium roast, but when I'm sick, I drink tea and like the bagged variety with some zing in it, particularly orange bits. YUM! I LOVE me some dark chocolate. We have a chocolatier in town who makes the nicest bon bons - I like the ones filled with liquids! My favorite color is RED and I am very dull about my salt; white idodized will do me just fine. In fact, I once had a piece of chocolate that enrobed a piece of chewy caramel and was dashed on its top with crunchy white sea salt. And oh, boy was THAT good! I love hard candies; especially those lovely French ones that come in the tins. Hmmmm I feel like I need to go get something sweet now!