Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Thursday.....

I wanted to thank you all for the nice comments about the Mail Art that Marie made - it really is stupendous!! Like many of you in taking your Mail Art in I was also a little uneasy about what the post office might say or do when I brought mine in to be mailed - Since mine went international I was anticipating a big old stink - like many of you had - so the day I brought mine in I also brought in another piece of Mail Art that Jill had made for me. It still retained the stamps and the cancellations to prove that "YES" these are acceptable and "YES" they will go through the system. When I got up to the window the only comment I got was "This looks really nice , is it homemade?" - I said I had made it and he processed it and just stamped and hand cancelled it before putting it into the bin. So I had prepared myself for a big problem and then got none. It is amazing how reticent some folks can be just because they have not seen something - Now mine has been in transit for 2 weeks today - and not a word about its arrival........ I'll start to worry harder next week!!

Still stitching away on an exchange - so no snaps.

The flicker last night was "Another Time, Another Place" - 1958 - starring Lana Turner and a very young Sean Connery. A very interesting film - where the supporting cast was superior to the main stars who were very wooden and quite unbelievable in their respective roles. It seems that this was trying to be some sort of tear jerker, but was just a turkey that never got in one good gobble for 90 + mins!!! The same year Lana starred in the remake of "Imitation of Life" a far superior film and worth seeing - I wouldn't waste time on ATAP as there are so many other quality Lana films to see.... "The Bad and the Beautiful", "Madame X" and "Peyton Place."

Woo Hoo - tomorrow is Friday!!!! Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Sometimes post employees are very interestede when you bring them things they have never seen before. When I mailed my first stitched envelope the post employee asked me the same thing and then she asked me to explain to her how I had stitched and finished the envelope. Fortunately there weren't many people in the line behind me, lol.
    Hmmm, I think I would be worried too after not hearing anything for two weeks. I hope that all goes well with your mailart.

  2. Madame X is my all time favorite movie!

  3. I should have tried the mail art but like so many I was a scaredy cat and didn't join now I wish I had. Soooo Next time for sure. I hope to see yours soon. I know it will be great.

  4. I have a regular old small package in the mail to Poland and it's been six weeks today and nothing, talk about worried!!! I watched ATAP also and you are spot on with this review...made up for it this afternoon though, Clark Gable, Jeannette MacDonald and Spencer Tracey in San Francisco (1936). Too yummy.

  5. Mine is going to Australia but it hasn't been in transit long and it is in the window envelope. The post office told me that it would get stuck in the machines...I put snaps on it...maybe I should done velcros to keep the ends really down but something tells me that would not have worked. It did get stamped tho and hand stamped so I'm okay with that. I didn't post a pick yet...but come visit my blog anyway.