Monday, February 3, 2020

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle Friends, hot dam, the vine met up!!....... well it eventually met up let's say.......

Here's a little more of the "vine" story... I was stitching away on the right side to the bottom and made the turn to the left...then started stitching the left side and when I made the turn right I stopped and gave it a good look...then I gave it a good count, like 5 times... and found that the vine had dropped or I had added a single stitch to the right side.  I counted back on both sides and found the mistake.  

What had happened is the vine looks like each section is 11 stitches in length ...and for the most part, they are, however on each side near the top one section is only 10 stitches long.  I caught it on the right side but not on the left.  So... I sat for about 10 minutes looking at it and then picked up my little seam ripper and just frogged out the entire right side vine and restitched it.  

There was no way at this early stage I was going to try and fudge the whole sample ... everything works off this single long vine now everything will sort of fall into place!! Even with this sloppy unironed picture looking wonky as all get out I still say... Hot dam!!

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!



  1. Glad the vine eventually met, Edgar!

  2. So much easier to correct something at the start rather than half way through. Lookin' good!

  3. hot dam is right, Edgar my matched corner hero....Bet you slept the
    sleep of peace that night.... Onward!

  4. Glad you found the miscount. This piece is way too pretty to put in timeout!

  5. Ah, one of the simple pleasures in will never get old!!!!

  6. What a pain Edgar! All I can say is you have a lot of company. I think we all have a few frogging horror stories! Glad you are now on your way!

  7. That nasty frog has been visiting a lot of people early this year. So glad you fixed that vine. I really dislike when there is one small spot where the design has a different stitch count.

  8. Dearest Edgar: That border is a beauty, I would have hated to rip out and have to re-stitch, I have had to do that myself on occasion.