Friday, November 22, 2019

A Little Christmas Treat

Gentle Friends, you might remember I do like a good cup of black tea... my favourite tea is from Kusmi Tea and called "ANASTASIA"... it's an orange blossomed flavoured black tea with bergamot and lemon, really delicious.  

In the past, I've gotten Christmas teas from Lucpicia,  I do like their "White Christmas " and "Jingle Bells."  Another super Christmas tea is called "Esprit de Noel" from Mariage Freres.  But, they have closed both of the Lupicia stores here in SF and the store that carried MF has also closed.... so it's harder to get fun Christmas tea here in SF....and then I got an email from Kusmi Tea.  They have blended a tea called Tsarevna.  I placed an order a few days ago and whiz-bang it arrived last some snaps...

... a pretty red christmasy box...

a nice red tin...

... and a delicious blend of tea...comprising of black tea, ginger, cardamom seeds, liquorice root orange peel and spices.  I've not made a pot yet, I was waiting for the weekend to really sit back and enjoy. So although it smells great just popping the lid, I'll let you know on Monday about how it tastes. 

There you go sports fans... only 33 short days until Christmas!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. that tea looks delisious, can you email me the email to the tea so I can get some too. I love teas too thanks Lynda Ruth

  2. I can't believe only 33 days to Christmas! Thanksgiving is so late this year and I don't do Christmas decorating until Thanksgiving is over. I will be working fast!!! Love the packaging of the tea. It sounds delicious!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations. Amazon is sending us a tin of Anastasia tea as our first Kusmi tea.

  4. How grand the box and tin are, Edgar! :o I always wanted to try some of those seasonal Lupicias you've mentioned, and of course I love (thought I can also hardly get anymore now that Williams Sonoma has cut and Dean & Deluca have reduced scaled-back) Mariage Freres! So far, the few Kusmi I have tried did not hit the mark with me, though Prince Vladimir was VERY popular with friends, and I liked it somewhat, too. So, I will be standing by for the Weekend's Tea report! :D I hope it hits the spot! :)

  5. Dearest Edgar: This looks like a beautiful blend of flavors, the tin is amazingly beautiful.

    Happy thanksgiving


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