Saturday, June 8, 2019

A Little More Rememberin'

Gentle Friends, so, yesterday would have been my Grandfathers birthday, today would have been my mom's 93rd Birthday...and a couple of snaperoos from the past...

... this is a picture I'm dating to about 1944 or so and would have been my Mom's Debutante photo... and here's a photo that hangs in my house .....

... of my dad, me and my mom that was taken around Thanksgiving of 1963.  What's up with my mouth hanging open and the deer in the headlights look I'm giving!! 

Good Thoughts!  Good Words!  Good Deeds!


  1. Dearest Edgar: Your Mother was a beautiful Lady, your Father is so good looking.
    You are such a beautiful baby, oh so sweet.


  2. Edgar,
    What a beautiful little family.

    Sandra in Texas

  3. Lovely pics! You're such a beautiful family.

    When I see such elegant pictures from the past I get a pang of worry about how nowadays we snap pics with our phones, never print them and very seldom have portraits taken in nice clothes. We're robbing ourselves of these lovely mementos and for the most part don't even realize it. My kids just turned seven years old and I don't have a single professional portrait with them. Thanks for this reminder to do better.

  4. Thanks for sharing. When I go through the old photos, I see hats and suits and gloves, even when they didn't have much, they dressed up. For company, for Sunday dinner, air travel, every holiday, for photos. Now we attend funerals and weddings in jeans or khakis! I guess that's good, but my elderly aunt never accepted the change and was horrified by flip flops and shorts on the plane!

  5. Hi thеre, jᥙst wanted tto mention, I liked thiks article.
    It was inspiring. Keep onn posting!

  6. Your mother was very glamorous, the debutante photo is a real treasure. x

  7. That debutante photo is a great pic of your mom. My own mom recently turned 92. I like the family photo too. I wonder what the photographer was doing to get that look on your face.

  8. Your mother was a very pretty lady

  9. It looks to me like you're getting ready to laugh! Your mom is gorgeous.

  10. What a great picture! Your mom was so pretty! You quite the cutie!

  11. That mouth has been open since birth and have never shut since. kisses but great photos