Monday, January 21, 2019

A Little Stitchin' Finish and a Stitchin' Start....

Gentle Friends, well, you all knew this day was fast approaching...and it arrived last week with a finish of my Christmas's a snap...

Scandinavian Christmas Sampler 
11/17 - 1/15
40ct Vintage Navy Bean
"Poinsettia" Gloriana Silk

It was a super piece to stitch and was perfect for the season!!  I used just under two skeins of the 12 stranded silk and have quite a bit left over.... so I have my eye on another red monochromatic piece for stitching later in the year.  It was an easy peasy purchase from Jacob's sites.  The chart was easy to follow and I can highly recommend MFE and will be back for another project.

I also started a new piece...I'm a "one at a time" type stitcher.  I've tried doing the rotation thing, but it just didn't work for here's the new piece...

"1798 Quaker" Goode Huswife
40ct Vintage Pecan Butter 
Recommended NPI Silks

It's a pitiful little start but I'm plugging away and am really enjoying stitching a Quaker piece again.  I haven't stitched a Quaker in a really long time and this chart has been in the "to do" pile for years.  It moves to the moves to the bottom, but it was always in the pile and one of the charts on the back burner to stitch.  I think the reason I never got this piece going was I wasn't sure if I was going to stitch in all the initials.  If your not familiar with this particular Quaker almost every spare space between the main motifs is filled in with dozens of initials...they meant something to the original stitcher, but not so much to do I stitch them in or not??? 

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!
Take care,


  1. The nice thing about the Scandinavian design is that it doesn't scream Christmas so you can keep it out right through winter. Congrats on the finish.

    The 1798 Quaker reminds me of Blackbird Designs "Christmas Garden" where the initials were of her family members. You could always switch it out to an overall alphabet if you don't mind charting letters. It should be fun. Quakers are timeless!

    Thank you for taking the time to photograph and share your work. It's always an inspiration to see other's finishes.

  2. Love the finish! School has started again so.....stitching has halted for now. Who wants to learn about geometric solids?

  3. Beautiful , I stitch only one piece at a time too. Well except for the occasional small that catches my eye! I am stitching Eliza Bell Cox now and sometimes I need a break, those roses with seven color changes get to me!!!!

  4. Your Christmas design is absolutely beautiful. If I stitched the initials, I think I would personalize them. I am pretty much a one at a time stitcher too. I have a huge ghost to stitch so I am thinking of trying Priscilla's Witchy Wednesday. That way , I won't get bored with all the white stitching which I don't really enjoy.

  5. Maybe you could substitute them with the initials of people who mean something to you? Or would that throw the whole pattern off? Love your Christmas finish!

  6. Beautiful finish! So bright and cheerful for those dark winter days.

  7. Congratulations on your finish! It is stunning. You are off to a good start on the Quaker. You could stitch in your family's initials or those of friends.

  8. Beautiful, Edgar! Congrats on the finish. I really love your doggedness on one project; I'll have to give that a try someday! You can't go wrong on a Goode Huswife piece:)

  9. Congrats Edgar it’s a timeless piece ...Spectacular! I will have to search for next piece as I’m not familiar but who can go wrong with a Quaker & done by Good Huswife...enjoy

  10. Oh your red sampler is just beautiful! Congratulations on the finish! I am also a one-at-a-time stitcher so I know what you mean!

  11. It is very nice!Have a good weekend!!

  12. Use the initials of those near and dear to you. You will smile when you gaze upon it in years to come.

  13. Your finish is beautiful. As for the new Quaker piece, I would stitch initials that have meaning to you.