Friday, May 11, 2018

A Little Planning

Gentle Freinds, it's that time again when I start to think about traveling.  I like to travel in the Fall of the year.  It's not always worked out that way..... I've been to Germany and Austria in the early Spring, lovely - and there was still some snow in the Alps!! I've been to Italy in the late Summer, warm and the evenings were gorgeous for just walking around those ancient Cities ...especially Venice!!  One of my favorite travel memories is walking around in the middle of the night in a quiet, still, balmy Venice it was warm and only a few other crazy types were walking about enjoying the night, the buildings the canals..... whoops off track a bit...  back to the post...

The Fall is my preferred time of year to travel. Recently, I've been working on some ideas from my "Bucket List" where I might want to go.   Not having made any solid plans yet friends of mine that spend the Spring and Fall months in Europe asked me to spend some time with them this Fall... WooHoo!!   So... the decision was made for me by something greater than myself......  here's a super Drone Video I found showing the area I'm headed for.....  enjoy.....

... I've been to the Loire Valley a few times and it's just beautiful ... with lovely Chateaux, spectacular gardens and vineyards... it's the classic vision of France and I'm looking forward to the Fall!!  It's also where my favorite chateau is located... Chenonceau that lies across the River Cher...  

Image result for chenonceau


That's about it for today sports fans... and this post wraps up the week!!  
Have a super weekend cya next week!!

Take care,


  1. The chateau with it's reflection on the water would be a painters dream to re-create on canvas. What a truly amazing place. I can't wait to see your pictures when you go. Wishing you a lovely day and a most happy weekend, too. :)

  2. I am not envious by nature, Edgar, but that is an enviable destination
    One of the most beautiful corners of our planet. Will have the Kleenex
    ready to catch the tears and drool when you post your photos.. Godspeed when you go...

  3. Was this the place used in The Great Race with Natalie Woods?

  4. Oh so pretty. You are going to have a fabulous holiday. x

  5. Looking forward to your beautiful posts.....they almost make it seem like I'm there with you. You have wonderful photography skills and such a way with words that make the reader feel like he/she is there beside you. Once you describe an area, painting, home, 'whatever' I do feel I've seen it. Thank you for that! And who could forget your food pictures....maybe not always what I would have chose but lovely just the same. Yes, I've looking forward to our trip! lol

  6. What a glorious trip to look forward to!


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