Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Little Floating Dinner

Gentle Friends, this weekend Rico headed south to the Valley to visit with his family... so of course, I went out to with some friends... we headed to the Castro and a fun Sushi Boat restaurant called "Warakubune" located at 307 Church Street...

... we settled into seats and the floating boats...

... and you know I ordered a beer, Sapporo - one of the really good Japanese beers out there... 
and not a little one but one of the big ones!!

 The way "sushi boats" works is that the sushi floats by and you just take what you want from and this goes on until you're done...

... each sushi is charged by the plate it's one and you just stack up the little pleats and the bill comes from tius tally... we also order some special thing snot on the lfaoting boats...

the one on the right is a "House Special" shrimp one that comes with a dab of crab on top...

... and some Kapi Maki (cucumber) really tasty a refreshing...

... this was a really tasty one with asparagus tempura...

... it was so good we had to order a plate of vegetable tempura....

 ... this boat floated by with some seaweed salad, tamago (sweet egg custard) nigiri
 and some Kapi maki...

... we also got these tasty little treats... these are like shumai with little-fried shrimps on them, crunchy and smooth and just really delicious!!!

We wrapped up the meal with chocolate and mango Mochi balls!!  
It was lots of fun and a really good meal!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. No offense intended but I think I might have enjoyed having *whatever* Rico was having down south a little more. lol This is just not my type of food. Could be because I've never tried But my son loves it...I don't think he gets it from me. Maybe he does and I just don't know it! lol I do love the concept of the little ships floating by and getting to select what you want from them. That would be fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. That looks like fun! I love Sapporo. I've never been to a sushi restaurant but it always puzzles me how they work out how much you've eaten. Couldn't people just put the plates back on the boat?!

  3. That looks yummy! We have places like that up here, but the plates just go around on a conveyor belt type thing...I love the little boats!

  4. Oh Edgar,
    It all looked so delicious...............made me hungry!

    Sandra in Texas

  5. I've never had sushi... it just doesn't appeal to me!

  6. YUMMO!! Makes me want to go back to Japan right now.... I've never seen the floating boats before. That's even better than the conveyor belt version!

  7. You do manage to find such wonderful places to eat!!

  8. Finally got the Wi-Fi connection back on at the house (after two years). Your photos look even more amazing then on the tiny screen of my phone!

  9. It looks like a fun and tasty eating. I've only ever been to the conveyor belt places, this looks a tad more classy.

  10. Everything looks delicious! I *love* sushi! And sashimi too!
    The last really good ones I ate were at a little Japanese food plaza in Singapore - salmon mentai sushi!
    My nephew introduced the mentai sushi to me - very tasty!


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