Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Little Eatin' Out

Gentle Friends, we headed off to dinner last Friday evening to our favorite Chinese place, Alice's. 

starting off with two appetizers.... some spring rolls....

... and some of what they are really known for - avocado egg rolls!!    With the prices of avocados on the rise, I'm not too sure how long they will be able to offer these treats....

 ... everything is served "family style" so we order four things.... "Walnut Prawns"...
... some of their delicious "Fried Rice"...

... some "Spicey Chicken"... it really should be called peppered chicken as the spice is black pepper, and it's super delicious!!....

.... and rounding out the table was some Mongolian Beef!!  There was four of us and we gobbled this stuff up like it was nobody'ss business!!  

After dinner, we walked down the few blocks to .....

..Mitchell's Ice cream......

... Rico had a Sundae, with both hot chocolate and hot caramel sauce, the ice cream he chose was NY Cherry and French Vanilla.....

John had two scoops in a plain waffle cone, the two ice creams he picked were 
NY Cherry and Strawberry

Mike had two scoops in a cup, they were Cookies and Cream and NY Cherry.... 
there was a theme with the NY Cherry.......

... and I chose two scoops in a cup  - they were Pralines with caramel and Mexican Chocolate!!  We ate the Ice cream walking back to the car....  it was a really fun evening!!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by dos top again!!

Take care,


  1. What a delicious meal you had! The NY Cherry looked super, but the Mexican Chocolate looked divine.

  2. Looks awesome! I haven't had "walnut prawns" dish in a few years--you've got me pining for some!

  3. That is an awesome way to spend a summer Friday night. All the food looked so good!!!!

  4. This all looks so delicious. Great sounding ice cream flavors.

  5. Mmmm.. the Walnut Prawns look delicious. I have never had that but paired with an avocado egg roll - I think I would be in heaven.
    I like your ice cream choice best.

  6. Wow. Sounds wonderful Edgar! My mouth is watering!

    San Pedro, CA