Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Little Thrifting

Gentle Friends, out and about last Saturday I found a few nice things.....

... from the top left... a super cut glass decanter that cleaned up clear and sparkly... when I spotted it sitting on a kitchen table at an estate sale it had the residue and dregs of sherry swishing around in the bottom with the insides entirely clouded over with dried on sherry, the lord knows how many years the liquor had been evaporating leaving only the sediment ...  

...I was also lucky enough to find this super 19th-century majolica figural piece for cigarettes and matches, it's unusual in that there is no damage at all... I also found a little carved frame, and great victorian papier mache tray, the last thing in the snap is a lovely, heart-shaped hand painted piece of porcelain from Dresden.... overall not many pieces in quantity but some great quality to be sure!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Love that sweet frame! I see small stitched sampler in there for sure.

  2. There is a freebie out there of a small sampler, emphasizing L for leaf. I wonder if it would fit.


  3. They say quality is better than quantity so you did great. That decanter is beautiful!

  4. What do you use to get the liquor sediment out and make the glass clear. I have a piece that I inherited that is very pretty, but I have been unable to get it to clear up. Your find is very pretty.

  5. Great finds - I love the frame!

  6. Wonderful things! I especially love the small figurine.

    San Pedro, CA


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