Thursday, June 4, 2015

Visiting the Legion of Honor Part 3 - Some of the Permanent Collection.....

Gentle Friends.....after viewing the temporary exhibit "High Style' we headed upstairs to the permanent collections to have a look.  There are some gorgeous pieces here and it was just fun  seeing some old friends.........

... you know me an how I enjoy religiously inspired art, well here is one of the pieces I could stand and look at all day long....  it's by the master of the Retable of the Reyes Catolicos, "The Annuciation" Spanish last quarter of the 15th century - oil on pine panel.

Bartolomeo di Giovanni "The Adoration of the Magi" - Florentine ca. 1490 - oil on panel

Master of the St. Lucy Legend "Virgin and Child Enthroned with Angels" Flemish ca 1575 - oil and tempera on panel

The LoH has a couple of really wonderful "rooms" within the collection......  

 Here is the didactic panel.......

In the area of the 18th century collections are furniture and decorative pieces....

... The portrait is of an unknown Gentleman by Nicolas de Largilliere, 1710 oil on canvas.  The Commode it hangs over is French made in Paris ca 1755 attributed to Joseph Baumhauer - Marquetry of bois satine (bloodwood) and kingwood, gilt bronze, ebony and marble.  The clock has figures of Study and Philosophy, made in Paris ca 1785-90 by Renacle-Nicolas Sotiau of patinated and gilt bronze, marble, enameled metal and glass.

There is also a large gallery of piece by Auguste Rodin.....

"The Three Shades" ca 1880
Here is another room that was recently finished and installed.....  The Salon Dore

.... and the didactic panel..


I wrap up this last post on our visit with this painting, by John Spencer Stanhope, "Love and the Maiden" British - 1877 - tempera, gold paint, gold leaf on canvas.  Here's a great piece of info from the museum.......


There are many, many more wonderful things to see in the museum and if you are in San Francisco and have a free afternoon I would highly recommend this as a destination!!!!   I hope you have enjoyed all the snaps and a little look at some Treasures here by the Bay.
 Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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  1. Beautiful paintings! My favorite is Love and the Maiden. Thanks for taking us with you on your visit to the Legion of Honor. I very much enjoyed it.


  2. So beautiful! I have really enjoyed my visit to the Legion of Honor, and am so glad to find out about it! I will have to visit it myself, if I ever make it back to SF!!!

  3. Thanks for the lovely pictures. I really loved the pink clothing the men wore in the round "Adoration" painting. I always hear men didn't wear pink in the past, yet these men (who were important enough to be in a painting) were resplendent in pink.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this museum and it's wonderful works of art with us.

  5. Lovely post. Thank you for the reminder to get myself over to the Legion of Honor. I don't think I've been for at least six years. ;-( It was the YSL dress from '58 that you posted yesterday that really got me pulling my calendar out! Perhaps this weekend.

  6. My second favorite museum in all of our fifty states! Incredible collection.. Loved revisiting thru your posts.

  7. Whew .... just finished the last four of your posts. I'm here to tell you they were marvelous ... simply marvelous!!! As always ~ thank you so much Edgar .... you're a peach!!!!


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