Monday, February 3, 2014

Kendra's Chicago

Gentle Friends I was contacted a while back by....

Kendra Thornton, a travel writer from Chicago, to trade Posts about some favorite things to do in our respective cites.  I sent her a Post about San Francisco, and here is her Post about some of her favorite things to Do and See in Chicago.......

Things to Do and See on a Trip to Chicago
As a travel enthusiast, I’m always looking for great things to go and do. Fortunately, I live in one of the country’s greatest cities for travelers, which means that even when I’m at home I can find plenty to do. The city of Chicago offers plenty of shopping, dining and activities for a wide range of people to enjoy.
1. You absolutely must shop when visiting Chicago. Everyone knows about the city’s Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue, but there are plenty of other places to shop as well. Only a few blocks from my Chicago Cubs’ home in Wrigleyville is Southport Avenue. This laidback-shopping district features chic styles and quaint local boutiques. Some of the stores here feature Chicago’s local designers.
2. Shopping isn’t the only. If you stroll down Michigan Avenue to see the sights while visiting the Windy City, be sure to stop at the historic water tower. Inside, you’ll find the City Gallery. This small gem features the work of local photographers and artists. The building itself is also worth taking a look at. It’s one of the few buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.
3. One of the best ways to view the Chicago skyline is from a downtown hotel. When you visit, be sure to book a hotel within the city limits. There are a number of great hotels for family’s or couples. Booking a hotel within the city limits not only is convenient as many shops and restaurants are within walking distance, but it will also help save money on cab fares!
4. There’s plenty of great food in Chicago. If you want a break from local hot dog vendors and the city’s famous deep-dish pizza, stop for a bite at one of my favorite restaurants, RL. This is Ralph Lauren’s restaurant and features classic American cuisine. When it comes to comfort food, I can’t think of anything better than their grilled cheese with tomato soup. The restaurant is located on Michigan Avenue right next to the world’s largest Polo store.

Any time is a good time to visit Chicago. The Windy City offers a unique collection of things to do and see. Whatever you’re interests are, you’ll find something here to entice you. My city accommodates family vacations, romantic getaways and more. Come and find out why I love Chicago.
You can follow Kendra on Twitter, or visit her at Pinterest.  I hope enjoyed the Post about Chicago - thank you so much Kendra!!

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  1. Very interesting! I've only had fly throughs through Chicago -- never visited. Maybe one day.

  2. Very fun city to visit. Don't like heights but view from Wilis Tower is awesome. And Chicago pizza speaks for itself

  3. I love Chicago also. I've only been to SF once so I enjoy all your posts....lots of places I should have went to when we were there!


  4. As a Brit who has visited Chicago, I have to say my two top tips are:
    1) Take a trip on the L and sit on the front row of the front carriage if you can. We did this with a cup of tea from Starbucks and did a full loop - a great way to get a different view of the city!
    2) The third tallest building is the Hancock tower. It's free to go up and cocktails were $10 (in 2008). Much better value than the Sears tower ;)

    Never made it to San Francisco though - it's on my list!

  5. A great Chicago post. I visit there every so often and some of the things I know about and agree with , others were new to me.

  6. I don't love cities that much but I absolutely LOVE Chicago. Huge sidewalks, people actually clean the front of their buildings, lots of open air cafes, museums galore, huge fabric stores, waterfront to stroll, free blues festival in Grant park, i'm getting carried away. Oh, and easy to get around.