Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend Plans

GR&DF the end of the week is here - and plans are coming together for a busy couple of days.

Top of the list is making some more jam - last Sunday I picked up a few pounds of rock hard, unripe peaches anticipating them ripening by this weekend ....

and I checked on them last night and they are right at perfect - so I know that I will get this bowl of fruit....

into these clean jars - a couple of hours of work but so worth it!!

I think we are also planning a run to the flower market. There are a couple of plants I want to replace in the house and we haven't been out there in the longest time - and - they have a great little restaurant out there so breakfast can be had at the same time!!

Last night I got together the stuff for another upcoming exchange - and was again flabbergasted that I could pull all the recommended fibers form my stash - me thinks I have too much! I also worked a little on the exchange I started the other day...... and I couldn't resist a little time on the Garden Path. I will have a nice shot of that piece on Monday.

The flicker last night was an older pick from the Disney Channel - an adaptation of Charles Dickens' book - "The Old Curiosity Shop" - 1995 - starring Peter Ustinov, Sally Walsh and Tom Courtney. I am a big fan of Dickens (as you already know) and try and see all the variations and adaptations out there of his work - and this was a very superior effort - great acting, great cinematography and it never seemed to bog down as some TV movies do. On a single DVD - this 2 part 3 Hour version is worth a look.

There you go sports fans - thanks for stopping by - do come again!!

Take care,


  1. Yum! Peaches are my favorite fruit. You will definitely enjoy that taste of summer in the winter! And your kitchen is going to smell wonderful! Hugs, Nancy

  2. I look forward every year for California peaches! I LOVE them! I know Georgia is suppose to be the peach state and theirs are very good but nothing beats a California free stone peach! The ones I picked up at the supermarket yesterday were the size of large baseballs! YUM!

    Are you canning them or making jam? I wish I knew how to do that.

    Enjoy your weekend Edgar :)


  3. Those peaches look awesome! :D Sounds like you've got a good weekend in the works. I've got errands; here's hoping for an early day today for Marc so that we can scoot along and get 'em done this afternoon/evening and have the weekend free.

    I recently ordered some of those soaps you showed from etsy and am so enjoying them--the sweet annisette not only has a great scent, but is VERY effective for cleaning those stubborn nose pores (guess it's the charcoal). I'm not historically much for licorice, but I do like sambuca in espresso (though I don't like coffee...) and can be cajoled into a shot of Jager now and then--not much of a drinker. I got the sampler of 6 different kinds and can definitely see another order in my future! Wendy even included 2 bonus samples--great!

    Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  4. Look at those yummy peaches and sparkling clean jars! They will make a perfect pair once canned or made into jam!

  5. You are making my mouth water with all this peach jam talk. I can almost taste it now!

    You can NEVER have too much stash.

  6. I enjoy reading your blog. The peaches look wonderful. I also am a great fan of TCM.

  7. Edgar,
    Those peaches look so good I can smell them through the monitor!
    Oh, what a good peach cobbler that would make!

    A Georgia Peach at
    Feathers in the Nest

  8. Just looking at your peaches makes my mouth water! Have a great weekend jamming and stitching!

  9. There's no better feeling than being able to go to the stash and pull all the supplies without a run to the LNS. That's not having too much, that's being prepared!

    Enjoy your peaches. Canning is definitely worth the effort, especially when winter rolls around.

  10. Edgar I would love to know how you make that jam !!! Would you share your recipe???


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